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Weirdest Animals on Earth

these are some of the weirdest creatures on our earth!

Our world is home to over 8.7 million different species, and with so many different creatures around, there are a few very weird ones between them. Creatures with unique features, bizarre appearances, and even more are waiting for zoologists to find. Here are some of the weirdest animals on earth.


Aye-ayes are a primate native to Madagascar. Even though they are primates, they don’t really look like one. They are distinctive with their bushy tails, which are larger than their bodies. They are the only primates in the world to use echolocation, the same thing bats and whales use to sense where objects are.

These animals are black or dark brown and have large eyes and even larger ears. Aye-ayes also have a unique middle finger, which they use to poke holes in trees to pull out larvae and grub for food.

Glass Frog

Glass frogs, as their names make very obvious, are see-through frogs! These frogs are primarily from the forests of Central and South America, with over 13 different species in Costa Rica alone. Most of these frogs are lime green in color, but their undersides are colorless, making their organs visible to the naked eye. A Glass Frogs’ back is also covered in spots that look like eggs, which scientists believe are meant to confuse predators who would be searching for their offspring.

Hairy Frog

The Hairy Frog also called the horror frog, or the Wolverine Frog, is a species of frog found in Central Africa. Just as their name suggests, these frogs grow hair-like structures on their sides and on their thighs. Research tells us these are not actual hair but are arteries that these frogs develop to absorb more oxygen.

Hairy Frogs get their nickname as Wolverine Frogs because they have claws made out of bones that break through their toes and tear through the frogs’ skins when they need to defend themselves. These bone claws are sharp and can cause serious damage to anything the wolverine frog fights. Do you think that wasn’t weird enough?


You must have already seen an Axolotl online without knowing what it was. Axolotls are amphibians and really impressively weird! They are a species native to Mexico but have been brought over to other places and bred for sale. Axolotls have the ability to regenerate limbs, spinal cords, and even organs like the heart and the brain. They have webbed feet, a fin that runs down the length of their body, and they have a cute little permanent smile on their faces! If that wasn’t weird enough, axolotls are known as neotenic, which means they never really grow past their ‘young’ states.


If you look at a shoebill, the first thing that would come to your mind would be a dinosaur. And you wouldn’t be too far off, as shoebills are a genetic mixture of birds and dinosaurs. The Shoebill, native to freshwater swamps of Africa, can grow to almost 5 feet tall and have a massive, strong beak almost 7 inches long on average.

The animal is weird-looking and even weirder sounding as they produce sounds like gunfire. They use these sounds to scare away predators and also to attract mates. Their beaks are insanely strong and are used to scoop up water, but their primary use is hunting. If all of this wasn’t enough to keep you away from a Shoebill, they tend to eat small crocodiles!

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Deborah Hughes is a home lifestyle writer who found success writing for magazines before moving on to the digital space. In her spare time, Deborah enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter in southern California. Between her and her daughter, they've rescued 7 cats and 5 dogs in the last few years.


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