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Miraculous Timing and Circumstances Saves Teen Girl From Shark Attack


Two teenage girls on the coast of Florida were waist deep in the water when a sudden and potentially deadly Shark attack took place. One of the girls suffered major injuries to her hand and leg and her fate would have been hard to determine were it not for very good fortune that followed the very bad luck.

Vacationing medical professionals Ryan Forbess and Mohammad Ali happened to be on the same beach with their families, unrelated to one another when the incident took place.

Forbess grabbed his son and ran from the water but when he saw what was going one he knew he could help. Ali and Forbess immediately started caring for the injured girl, with help from other medical professionals on the beach as well.

The team came together in that moment for that emergency and very possibly saved her life. The scary reality is that Sharks are always present in this particular area and the risk exists.


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