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How Does Your Childhood Influence Your Present and Future?

Our childhood influences our present and future in large ways.

Everyone experience a different childhood. These experiences during our childhood, be it with our parents, siblings , relatives or friends, along with our own personalities are some factors that have an enormous impact on our lives. This article will help you learn how your childhood influences your present and future.

Like it or not, the childhood memories that we cling on to and refuse to give up make us who we are today.

Effects of a Bad Childhood

We can use our childhood experiences to turn us into better human beings and move forward to live a happy life despite having had an insecure childhood.

Learning from the mistakes your parents made and taking lessons from them will help you live a better present and will also make you better parents for your own children. The future is in your hands, and you are the architect of your destiny. As a mature adult, you need to let go of your fears and decide who you want to become.

Do you want to be like your mother? The mother who was always yelling and shouting at you? The mother who was never at home and was always busy? Or you want to be like the father who was an alcoholic and abusive towards his kids and his wife both? No! Of course not. You don’t want to be like them. You want to be loving and caring. To be a better parent, you want to always be there for your kids when they need you. You don’t want to repeat history, do you?

To be a good parent, you need to give your kids a secure environment to grow up in. And to do so, you must remove all the negativities of your childhood from your mind. What is past is past. Don’t let your unhappy and miserable childhood spoil your present and your future.

A bad childhood, which hurt and scarred you could turn you into an anxious and insecure adult. But an adult who has the right amount of sense and maturity will come out of all of this a stronger, healthier, and more stable individual. They will not let their parents’ adverse qualities affect their present or future. They will walk away from their path and choose one which will give them and their family security and happiness.

Effects of a Good Childhood

Perhaps you were fortunate and had parents who loved you, gave you a happy and healthy environment, and your childhood memories are full of fun and laughter. In that case, it is unlikely that your childhood would scar you.

Such great times make you a better, strong person inside out.


Final Thoughts

The different experiences during our childhood make us who we are today. Our behavior and personality are extensions of our childhood. And based on these early experiences, we build the foundation of our present and future.


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