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5 Fun Games to Play at Family Reunions

Family reunions are fun affairs that can be made more fun by playing crazy games. Read more to know more about our list of fun family reunion games.

Play these fun games at your next family reunion to make it memorable for years to come. Keep reading to find out more!

Family reunions are fun as you get the chance to meet all of your relatives after such a long time. Many memories, many stories – both old and the ones you didn’t know, are discussed with everyone lounging together. You meet your uncles and aunts that spoiled you when you were a child and your children get to play with all their cousins.

What makes big reunions more fun is organizing games to play. Family reunion games are pleasantly chaotic and allow the whole family to make new memories together. Let’s look at a few family reunion games that you should try when your next reunion comes around.


Is it a movie? Is it a TV show, or is it a song? These are some of the questions that are asked when you’re trying to guess what the person is trying to act out. Charades is a fun game that has all the players divide into teams of two. Each team will have a member go up and pick a card that states a movie, show, or song. There is a specific time frame – preferably a minute of guessing until the person runs out of time.

Family Talent Show

This is the family version of a talent show. If you have a big family, this game is going to be super entertaining for you. The way it’s played is basically like every other talent show. Every family member goes up and showcases a talent of theirs, from singing a song, to reciting poetry, to acting out a dramatic scene, to doing stand-up comedy – whatever the talent, the whole family ought to have an enjoyable time.

Scavenger Hunt

This game offers an enormous sense of adventure and promises a lot of fun if played correctly. Little treasures can be hidden within the whole house, and clue cards can be made that contain hints about where to find the next treasure. You can make as many teams as you’d like to make it more fun. The more teams there are, the more chaotic and wild the activity can be. The team that finds the most treasures within a specific time frame wins the game.

Family History Trivia

How well do you know all of your family members? This game can be challenging yet fun. What you need to do is ask interesting questions regarding your family members and ensure everyone gets asked a question. Teams can be made in this game as well. An example of such questions can be “How old was XYZ when they got married to ZYX?” The member or team who answers correctly wins the point. In the end, the team that has the most points wins.

Mad Libs

This game has multiple rounds, with each round harder than the previous one. The gameplay is pretty simple; a sentence card is read aloud with empty blanks in the middle. Each family member will then choose words from their word cards to fill in the blanks with what they think are the most fitting words. When all the players are ready, they will read aloud their version of the sentence with the words they chose. Everybody then votes on which sentence makes the more sense or is the most humorous.


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