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Signs That Your Dog may be Unhappy

Moping around is a sign of unhappiness in dogs

Like all humans, dogs can also go through periods of sadness and depression. However, unlike us humans, dogs can’t really tell or communicate that they are feeling down or sad. Changes in your dog’s mood could be related to several things, the loss of another pet or loved one, it could be because they are sick or injured, or it could be just because they are bored out of their minds.

Thankfully, there are few telltale signs that your dog is unhappy.

Signs That Your Dog is Unhappy

Loss or Gain of Appetite

Maybe your dog is showing no interest in food like before. Or your dog could start eating a lot more than usual, as sometimes food can be a source of comfort for the dog. Both of these could be signs of your dog being unhappy.

Change in eating habits can also result in a change in the dog’s weight. If you notice changes in your dog’s eating habits or their weight, it could mean that they are feeling down.

Your Dog Is Tired

Dogs that are sad or depressed are more likely to just lay around and not want to interact with anyone in the house. This could happen simply because of old age, but if this sign is sudden and you notice your dog moping around or sleeping a lot, it might be a sign of depression.

Low Tail or Tucked Tail

When your dog feels happy or positive, its tail will be wagging around high in the air. But when the dog is sad, its tail will most likely be low or tucked in between its legs. Slow wagging and low tails are signs of feeling fear and also sadness.

Sudden Aggression

If your dog is usually a chill softie and has suddenly started to growl and show signs of aggression, it may be a sign of depression. If you notice your dog getting much rougher with its toys and more aggressive towards the people in the house, they must be feeling down.

Sudden displays of aggression can also be signs of physical pain in your dog. If you notice this behavior, take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. The vet can help the dog if it is in pain, or they could figure out what else might be wrong with your dog and help you treat it.

Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Play or Walk

Sad and depressed dogs might not want to go on walks and play around anymore. If your dog suddenly stops jumping around in joy every time you grab its leash to take it out for a walk, it is a telltale sign of depression in dogs. They might stop responding to their favorite toys and treats the same way they used. Decreased excitement for activities and refusing to go out on walks, unlike usual, means the dog is feeling down and sad.

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