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Difficulties of Single Parenting and Advice to Help

Feeling overwhelmed raising your children as a single parent

Raising kids is challenging for both the mother and the father. But it becomes a quite humongous task when you are a single parent and have to do it all alone.

With the divorce rates at an all-time high and the ever-increasing growth in unmarried couples, single parents are becoming a common occurrence everywhere.

Being a single parent is stressful; it puts you under a lot of pressure and can be exhausting, especially if you have to combine work and the responsibility of taking care of the children together. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to become a good single parent and raise a healthy, happy, and normal child.

Some suggestions and advice that will go a long way in aiding you to get over the inadequate feeling of being alone in the care and responsibilities of your child and facing difficulties of single parenting are mentioned below.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Your friends and family are always there in times of need. Let them give you a helping hand whenever possible. In addition, local health visitors can advise you about single parenting groups available in your area consisting of parents with similar needs and circumstances.

Do not cut your child away from the other parent even though you might not like the idea of having your child spend time with them. It is the child’s right to have a proper relationship with both parents.

Regularly doing chores on time is a commendable way of disciplining your child and will help them know their limits. Instilling in them moral values of honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness from the very beginning will ensure that they have a good character as they grow old.

Provide all the emotional support they need and be as honest with them as possible in answering their queries regarding the other parent.

Spend quality time with the kids

Yes, you are a single parent, and you have loads to do from housework, office work, groceries, making payments, visits to the doctors, and the list is endless!


However, your children need you more, and they are more important than anything or anyone else in the world. They are your responsibility, and you have to raise them as productive, happy, and healthy members of society.

So take the time out. Play with them, read to them, go for walks, hikes, and camping. Explore their likes and dislikes, watch movies, and listen to music. Get to know them well. Celebrate their childhood, because soon they will grow up and become less dependent upon you.

Show them love, give them hugs and kisses, assure them that you will always be there for them no matter what. Love conquers all.

It will not be easy sailing, but with a positive attitude, perseverance, and a little assistance from here and there, you will surely succeed in raising a child that you will be proud of!


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