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Man Brings Elderly Dog to the Beach For Her Final Moments of Life

Beloved elderly dog rests on her comfortable dog bed at her favorite beach during her final moments of life
Source: Piero Temperato/Facebook

Dogs are loyal and loving creatures that make everyday life more enjoyable. They often say that dogs are man’s best friend, and many people would do just about anything for their trusted canine companion. A dog’s lifespan is much shorter than that of a human, and though it’s never easy to say goodbye, it’s nice to offer them comfort in their final days. An Italian man named Piero Temperato had a close bond with his elderly dog, Greta, and wanted to do whatever he could to make her comfortable before she passed away.

As her condition worsened, he knew that he had little time left with Greta. He decided to take her to her favorite place, the beach, so she could gaze at the sea. Temperato decorated his Facebook page with various photos of his beloved dog. In one picture, Greta can be seen lying on her favorite pillow covered in a green blanket and looking out at the ocean. Temperato shared the photo along with the caption, “I know I’m a madman for bringing you this far in your condition, but I wanted to give you this emotion. I know that you love to see the vastness of the sea – the same immensity of love I have for you, Greta.”

The man’s beautiful gesture to his dog was posted by someone on the r/MadeMeSmile group on Reddit along with the title “One last journey.” From there, word spread about Temperato’s tribute to Greta, and thousands of people liked and commented on the sweet nature of their relationship. The post has received more than 15,000 upvotes on the platform, with many people posting comments to express how moved they were by the man’s love for his dog. “What a beautiful thing to do for someone you love,” wrote one Reddit user, while another commented, “To the sea, we all journey back to the sea. Long may you run beautiful one.” Another user was quick to add, “They all deserve this love. Losing them is the most painful thing.”

Greta and Temperato’s tale had gone viral, and a separate Facebook page called ‘Pleasy’ offered more information about the bond between the man and his pet. It was revealed that Greta lived to be 15 years old before succumbing to a serious illness. Temperato took her to the “place where they both were happiest together, her favorite beach.” The pair shared many years of fond memories on that beach, and the owner knew that her final moments should be spent at her favorite place on Earth. According to the Facebook post, Temperato was kind and affectionate toward Greta in her final moments. “In her last hour, he caressed her fur and gently talked to her, told her about her adventures together and how much he loved her. He did not leave her alone until her last breath on this world. This is how loyalty goes to a beloved animal until the end,” said the post.

It’s easy to see that the love Temperato had for Greta was unbreakable, and the dog surely felt the same way about her dear owner. Kindness, compassion, and consideration were key factors that drove Temperato’s decision to make a bed for Greta at the beach where she once happily ran free.


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