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Veterinary Technician Opposes Removing Fifth Leg Of Adopted Rescued Dog

Source - @Norastrongarm / Instagram
Source - @Norastrongarm / Instagram

The owner of a rescue dog named Nora, who was born with an extra leg, has shared a heartwarming glimpse of how her five-legged friend enjoys her daily life, which her human companion calls “imperfectly perfect.”

Nora is a charming husky pit cross who possesses five legs, although her owner clarifies that she technically walks on three legs. In a video viewers can find on Nora’s TikTok, @Norastrongarm, the owner explains that the extra limb is only used once in a blue moon to assist her in getting up, sitting up, or navigating around stairs. Despite her unique condition, Nora can often be seen happily embracing each day with her endearing spirit and determination.

Nora’s condition, known as ectrodactyly, falls under thSource – @Norastrongarm / Instagram category of split hand or foot malformation, where one limb is noticeably malformed or absent altogether, giving her the appearance of having two paws on a single limb.

According to data from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a significant number of dogs, a little bit over three million, to be exact, are surrendered to animal shelters in the US each year, with a vast majority of them being mixed breeds.

A scientific study in 2018 analyzed over 900 rescue dogs from shelters in California and Arizona, revealing that purebred dogs accounted for less than 5% of the canine population.

As a mixed breed, Nora faced an uphill battle to find someone willing to adopt her, especially with her unique condition. Many potential adopters assumed that her extra limb would hinder her health and well-being.

However, Nora’s devoted owner, who happens to be an orthopedic veterinary tech, never once considered treating or surgically removing the extra limb, as her condition doesn’t cause her pain or discomfort.

Nora’s heartwarming story is quite unique, though it carries two important messages we can all learn from.

Firstly, it emphasizes the significance of giving rescue dogs and mixed breeds a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Secondly, it serves as a reminder that physical differences or disabilities should not define an animal’s worth. Nora’s loving owner embraced her just the way she is.


Yet, Nora’s story also celebrates embracing imperfections. Whether a dog has suffered a serious injury due to abuse or an accident or is born with a unique deformity, it deserves love and acceptance just like any other.

These uplifting messages have resonated with fellow dog lovers on TikTok, who actively engage with videos of Nora. One person commented on a clip featured in Newsweek, saying, “That is so incredibly awesome. Think about it! She can give you a high-five with her extra paw or provide a little extra love when cuddling.”

Another person was amazed, saying, “In my 50 years on this planet, I’ve never seen anything like this!” A third person said, “Thanks so much for believing in her and giving her a chance. I appreciate and recognize you! Such a great human.”


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