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This Person’s Last-Minute Thrift Store Steal “Made The Whole Trip Worthwhile”

Source: u/Sentinel_Victor/ Reddit

Thrifting and secondhand shopping aren’t going to fade soon as the trend has significantly increased over the years. There are endless reasons why many vintage lovers and budget-savvy shoppers adopt shopping for pre-loved items. 

For one, trends in fashion, home, and lifestyle are constantly being recycled, so what’s out-of-style surely comes back. So thrifting is usually a great way to own an original piece of a recycled trend. There is also the allure of thrift hunting, scoring vintage gems, and the most unusual finds that no one else owns at almost unbelievable prices. 

This is particularly true for one Reddit user who made a lucky last-minute find on their way out of the store. Apparently, they hit the jackpot when they found a beautiful quilt while thrifting in Goodwill Bins and had to brag about it in the subreddit online community- ThristStoreHauls.

The post shows the beautiful double wedding ring design quilt, “Was walking out of the Goodwill bins when this beauty caught my eye in the last bin,” the poster said. “Made the whole trip worthwhile.” 

The double wedding ring pattern quilt is a beautiful treasure, as many commenters on the post pointed out. The pattern, which was quite popular in the late 192os and early 1930s, is a traditional design with a rich history of romance and love. It has also been a source of accomplishment and inspiration for quilters today.

The interlocking rings signify a symbol of marriage, the union of two people joining together to become one. It has also been historically considered a symbol of luck for a couple. The quilts were made by mothers and grandmothers to be given to their children on their wedding day or anniversaries to be treasured forever. 

They were made using a white background with different fabrics to make the arcs and give the illusion of continuity. Hence, with the sentimentality embedded in the making of the quilt, these treasured family heirlooms are often passed down from one generation to the next.

The Redditor further stated that they think the quilt was from the Great Depression era. It has a white plain background with pastel prints that were common during the Depression. 

“The red and white polka dots is a common fabric from the 20s/30s”, they said. “There was a quilt revival during the time, so everyone and their mothers were quilting, and a lot of manufacturers of feed sacks were printing pretty pastels to encourage women to buy their products during the Depression.”


Generally, quilts are believed to be a product derived from the Great Depression that lasted from 1930-1940. Depression quilts are recognizable because of their color scheme, scrappy collage of pastel prints with plain white cotton as the neutral shade. During the Depression, quilt-making was a cheap hobby adopted by women. They were made to keep families warm at a time when blankets became a luxury.

During this hard time, quilt makers made use of small leftover scraps from other sewings or feedback fabrics. The double-ring pattern, though a difficult pattern to piece, was made many times over and is a favorite for quilters.

Since the post was made, it has gathered, it has gathered almost 2ooo upvotes, and many commenters have shared their take on this amazing thrift find.

One wrote “Wedding Ring” design. My grandma made some of these”

“So beautiful,” another wrote. “I’ve been looking for one like this for YEARS! Jealous isn’t even half of it.”

Another noted that the way out of the store seems to be when the best discoveries are made. 

“I love it when you get those last-minute scores,” they commented. “So many times my best find of the day has been something I found while on the way to check out.”

Another commenter wrote, “A very pretty wedding ring pattern quilt. Wonder if it is handstitched. — Lovely find…’ bins’…you found it at the Bins? Holy Wow!”, etc.

In sum, thrifting is a retail experience like no other. Each rack or section holds its own unique item, from clothes, accessories, antiques, home decor, etc. Although finding great items at a thrift store can be a daunting experience, scoring a rare gem like this Redditor can make your trip worthwhile.


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