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This Little Boy’s Answer About What Makes Him Happy Goes Viral

Source: babysamanddad/TikTok

If there’s one thing that every adult understands, it’s that life is complex and full of uncertainties. So when asked a question such as, “What makes you happy?” it’s normal to want to think hard and thoroughly before giving an answer. We all want to carefully consider our options to ensure that we don’t come up with answers we’ll regret later. 

However, it’s typically a different ball game when it comes to children. These kids live such simple lives that afford them the opportunity to say the darndest things without fear of repercussions. Their replies exude such innocence and genuineness that it makes us want to be kids again. They can also be so sweet that we can’t help but smile and shower them with all our love.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that this adorable 2-year-old’s reply to this question has gone viral and captured the hearts of many. The lovely toddler, Sam, shares a TikTok account called “babysamanddad” with his father. Baby Sam is a happy child, and his dad is always documenting his cute moments and sharing them with the world.

Does the world appreciate these videos? You bet! The fact that the account has garnered 185k followers is evidence of how everyone could use a little bit of happiness in our chaotic world.

In the TikTok video that went viral, the 2-year-old looks bright and cute in a blue Smurfs sweatshirt and yellow baseball cap. He asks his dad, “Do you know what makes me happy Daddy?” “What makes you happy?” his dad asks. “Helping with the garden,” he replied. 

His father then asks him if he would love to help him with the garden, and Sam answers in the affirmative. “Okay, let’s go,” his father says.

Next, Sam says, “I’m watering the plants,” as he holds a little watering can, turns it upside down, and lets water flow from the spout onto a section of flowers.

After watering the garden to his satisfaction, Sam moves over to the lawn and says, “I’m cutting the grass,” as he mows it with an imaginary mower.  “I’m scraping the weeds,” he later announces as he holds a plastic gardening fork and runs it through the soil. “I’m such a good gardener,” the little champ says as he makes sure not to exit the scene without giving his audience a thumbs up.

His TikTok followers were impressed by the cute video, and they took to the comment section to let him know just how much he brightens everyone’s day. “And you make me happy Sam,” a commenter wrote. Another said, “Thanks Sam for making everyone happy. Your garden is amazing.” “Sam is the cutest I want to hug Sam so badly,” someone else commented.


Sam and his Dad have since gone on to make more viral videos that always begin with, “do you know what makes me happy, Daddy?” If daddy hasn’t figured it out yet, we have—practically everything. From “doing some Polish lessons” to “driving on my first train,” “learning at the museum,” and many more, Sam is happiness personified. We hope we can learn to find joy in everything, just like little Sam.


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