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Mom Confronts Teacher Who Punished Her Kid for Not Providing Classroom Supplies

Source: shanittanicole/Tiktok

For many parents, preparing for a new school season could be pretty overwhelming and demanding of both effort and money. But these are not too heavy prices to pay for our kids to make a smooth transition to the learning environment. 

In fact, new school season preparations go a long way in boosting our kid’s confidence and capacity to learn. One common aspect of preparing for a new school year is providing school supplies. These could range from notebooks, pencils, glue sticks to crayons.

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Yet, to the surprise of many parents, school demands are getting a little unbearable. Recently, a public school teacher punished a kid for not providing classroom supplies even though he had all his personal supplies ready. The incident provoked a reaction from his mom, who wasn’t pleased. 

By the time the school year began, Shanitta Nicole, a TikTok creator, had all her son’s school supplies ready. She had checked off the list provided by his school because she wanted him to be prepared (the family had just moved, and it was her son’s new school). 

To her surprise, her son came back from school in the second week saying that his teacher demanded classroom supplies. These include Clorox wipes, red pens, tissues, hand sanitizers, and pencils. 

Nicole found the demand somewhat ridiculous. She went on to share the story on her TikTok page @shannittanicole. “I’m like, That’s weird. We got you everything on the list that you would need for the class and you’re not going to be using any classroom supplies,” she narrated. 

Surprisingly, her son came back on the third week to report that the teacher threatened to give him a zero grade if he failed to produce the classroom supplies. 


Nicole was taken aback. She couldn’t understand the relationship between good grades and classroom supplies. Despite her reservations about the teacher’s strange threat, Nicole decided to provide the materials anyway. 

To her shock, despite purchasing the supplies, her son came back with a zero grade the following week. Nicole was enraged. She emailed the teacher. 

In the email, she queried why parents should be burdened with providing classroom materials. “I appreciate the involved parents and I’ll upgrade his grade today,” the teacher responded. 

Still unsatisfied by the response, Nicole took the matter to higher authority by emailing the principal. In her video, she sought the viewer’s response to the situation. “Am I doing too much?” she asked. The video has gone viral, attracting 1.9 million views and more than 10,000 comments. 

“You are not wrong! It is 100 percent OK for her to ask for supplies, but mandate it for grades? Absolutely not,” a comment read. Another user completely agreed with Nicole “I feel like it’s the teacher’s responsibility to get the classroom supplies like that’s your job not mine why do I have to supply it?” 

A comment from user @lisalambertwilson stated why parents should provide the classroom supplies. “You wrong,” it read. “The supplies will be used in the classroom where he is learning. Cleaning the desk the kids will use the pens to write on the whiteboard,” it continued. 

Nicole later announced in another video post that the principal apologized for the teacher’s behavior and stated that the district was responsible for providing school supplies and not the parents.


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