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Living up to Your Family’s Expectations

Here is how you can live up to you family’s expectations

Family expectations for our futures usually stem from the right places. They just want us to be successful and happy. But living up to your family’s expectations and trying to conform to their idea of who you are can be a constant battle.

The trick is to find a balance between their expectation and your own desires. You need some practical tips on solving this issue and dealing with their high expectations. Here are a few ways you can start living up to your family’s expectations.

Settle Things By Communicating

Effective communication is the key. Talk and try to make them understand that you both share a different mindset. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to their opinions, be respectful, and explain that you are worried about not meeting their unreasonable expectations and disappointing them. The conversation does not have to be heated.  So stay calm and take a mature approach.

Time and Place

Choose the right time and place. Ensure that when you talk to your parents, they aren’t already upset, angry, or stressed over something. Find a place where you can really sit and talk to them without interruptions. Avoid sarcasm and/or verbal attacks. You have the right to your own opinion, but their views could be just as valid as yours. Keep an open mind and try to consider all options available to you.

Give Them Time

Do not expect immediate solutions. Give time to your family to think and ponder on the issue. Be patient and ask them to think it through before getting back to you with an answer.

Stand Up for Yourself

This is not going to be easy. When choosing to build your own life, you need the support of your family the most. But the fact that your family loves you should be enough for them to let go and give you your freedom to follow your own dreams and desires. There will be conflicts, obstacles, arguments, and criticism, but they won’t last forever.

After realizing that you are determined and serious in what you have set out for yourself, the family’s expectations will subside. The love between family members always wins, and the relationship will eventually become stronger and even more powerful.

Final Thoughts

Remember, you have a purpose in your life. You have your own goals and dreams. What can be worse than living your life according to someone else’s expectations? It is only going to bring suffering and regrets in the long run.

Mentally and physically, your wrong decisions of not standing up for your beliefs and ambitions will bring you down. Don’t let the flame burn out.


Give it all you have got! Keep trying and make an effort needed, don’t ruin your life in the process of living up to your family’s expectations. Talk it out with yourself, weigh all the pros and cons, then have the much-needed conversation with your family. Convince them that it is your life and you have the right to decide what to do with it!


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