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Living in an Extended Family

Benefits of living with your extended family

Living in extended families has been very common in many cultures. An extended family comprises multiple generations living under one roof. And some extended families might also include aunts, uncles, and cousins who live together and share the same household.

Today, most couples prefer living separate, independent lives only with their children in the house. Nuclear families have replaced extended families. Having and living with an extended family can have numerous benefits. It supports the parents as they grow older, but the kids can also grow into healthy adults with all the love and care showered on them by other members of the household, apart from the parents.

The following are some of the benefits of living in an extended family.


Living close together in the same household, you spend a lot of time with family members other than your own parents and siblings. This develops a strong bond, trust, and relationship that would not be possible if they were living separately and further apart.


It is easy to find companionship among the extended family members, especially for the elders who might feel lonely if their children and their grandchildren were not living with them under the same roof. Both grandparents and the kids get to spend quality time with each other. The children learn to care for and respect family ties, and the elder relatives stay happy and active while helping their younger relatives in schoolwork games and other activities.

Financial Support

A significant amount of expenses can be curtailed and money saved when living in an extended family. This is one of the primary benefits of doing so. No babysitting expenses – as grandparents, uncles, and aunts will happily take care of your kids whenever you need. Other costs like rent and utility bills are shared. When children who have finished education move back to live with the extended family, they pitch in their share of earnings and help with the running of the household doing their part of work and chores around the house.


Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, other holidays, and occasions become more meaningful when spent with all the members of your extended family. Tradition and stories are handed down during these times. These make the family stronger and happier. Memories are made, and it gives you a sense of belonging.

Final Thoughts on Living In An Extended Family

It is but natural for people living in extended families to spend their free time together in activities they enjoy and witness each other’s daily lives. An extended family is a close-knit family structure that reduces stress and promotes happiness and well-being.

Living in an extended family is not without problems. There will be issues, arguments, and fights, but the way you deal with them is what matters. Living with your extended family is more of a blessing than a burden.


The family will always be close at hand; they will be there in your good times as well as in your bad times. There will always be hugs, kisses, and shoulders to cry on, and you will never be left to bear your burden alone.


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