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Little Girl Expresses Disappointment in Education System When She Finds Out Her Classmates Don’t Know Who Napoleon Is

Source: bbmck1/TikTok

A little girl has found internet fame after expressing her disappointment in the education system upon discovering that her classmates didn’t know who Napoleon was. In a video that has since garnered over 4.7 million views, an elementary school girl. A brief video posted to TikTok by @bmmck1 shows a young girl sitting in a car after being picked up from school by her mother. In the clip, the girl begins telling her mom about her day and expresses concern over her peer’s lack of knowledge when it comes to U.S. history. 

The girl said how she was talking to some friends and used a Harry Potter reference along with a historical reference. When her classmates were stumped, the elementary schooler could hardly believe it. “So I was talking to people, and I said, ‘I bet Napoleon would be a Slytherin in Hogwarts because he has lots of ambition,” she recounted to her mom. “The kids looked at me and said, ‘We don’t know who Napoleon is.” The confused girl was in disbelief that nobody had heard of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader who is considered to be “one of the most influential figures in world history.” Napoleon became a prominent figure during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He led the French army during the French Revolution and worked his way through the military to eventually become Emperor of the French in 1804. 

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The girl continued her story, saying, “And so I go on asking, like, a couple of other kids, and they all say they didn’t know. I asked 5 kids about this question and only one of them knew. What she says next is unexpected, to say the least. “The education system has greatly failed them,” she tells her mom, who responds by saying, “Yeah, maybe they’ll learn it in a couple of years.”

The video, aptly titled, “When Your Dad is a Nerd,” signals that the girl’s father is the one who educated her on everything from Harry Potter to Napoleon. Though the clip is only 38 seconds long, it has already garnered over 4.7 million views. Due to popular demand, @bmmck1 uploaded follow-up videos of the little girl and her older brother assigning Hogwarts houses to other historical figures. From U.S. presidents to women in history, the girl and her brother flawlessly determine where famous trailblazers will be in Hogwarts.

The original viral video’s comment section went wild over the girl’s deadpan assessment of the education system failing her classmates. “Love this!!!! And Napoleon would totally be in Slytherin!!! Great job!!,” wrote one person. Another commenter added, “You need to tell her that what she’s experiencing doesn’t get better. Most adults don’t know who Napoleon was.” A separate comment even said, “The look of concern she expressed when you said maybe they will learn it has me dying!”  Of more than 5,000 comments, many agreed that the schools have adequately educated children on U.S. history. “Yup that kid is right, education is nothing after like 7th grade, the rest is just how to deal with others,” suggested a commenter.



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