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How to Build Resilience in Children?

A few ways to help build resilience in children.

Wondering how do you define resilience? Resilience is the ability to deal with stress, trauma, the uncertainties one faces while growing up. Resilient skills can be learned easily and are essential in children as these help children manage their stress and anxiety, and they learn to face and overcome challenges that come along with these feelings. Parents and caregivers can help teach children the ability to do so in several ways. Here’s how you can build resilience in children.

Daily Routines

A good and well-consistent routine can help children build structure in their lives. Fixed times for work and play and being flexible with these times, particularly during stressful periods, can be really comforting for children.

Self-Care Can Help Build Resilience in Children

It is important to teach children to take care of themselves. Eating a proper and balanced diet, sleeping at the right times, and exercising all help children deal with stress better. Don’t forget to give your children time to play and have fun doing activities they like and enjoy.

Teach Positivity

Ensure the child has the confidence and the trust in themself that will assist them in solving problems and handling challenges in the future. Remind them of previous hardships that they had overcome themselves. This will enable them to understand that challenges in life only make you stronger and more resilient – their earlier accomplishments should help them make appropriate decisions in the future.

Giving them an optimistic outlook will help children see the good in their lives and keep fighting during hardships.

Communicate To Build Resilience in Children

Children need to be told the importance of communication. Teaching them about empathy and the ability to really listen to others will help them build strong relationships between family and friends, strengthening their resilience.

When children help their peers and others around them, they feel empowered, and the fact that they are able to do so, even slightly, brings great satisfaction to them.


Help them focus on specific tasks. Let them move towards their goals one step at a time. Establishing and moving towards goals will strengthen resilience. Teaching them to focus and work on things they can control makes them see a broader perspective on life.

Be a Model

The best way to teach your kids to become resilient is by showing and practicing resilience yourself. Remaining calm and coping through stress and hardships in front of your kids will automatically teach them what they should do when facing similar situations. Accept and apologize if and when you are in the wrong.


Talk to your children about how you deal with your own stress and anxieties. Teach them that feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and jealousy are normal. Assure them that these feelings are important in helping them better understand what they are experiencing and that they will eventually pass.

Final Thoughts on How To Build Resilience in Children

Children are born resilient. It is natural for children to bounce back quickly from various kinds of tragedy, adversity, trauma, and failure. Resilient kids have grit; when they are faced with a problem, they navigate the world confidently and confront their problems with conviction.


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