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Family Couldn’t Afford Prom Dress, So Brother Makes Her One From Scratch

Source: Maverick Francisco Oyao/ Facebook

There are two things we know about love. First, love is an action word and goes beyond what we feel or say. Secondly, it wears very many hats. From romantic gestures between partners to random acts of kindness to strangers and even scolding a child, we express love in different ways. 

But only a few acts of love are as touching and tear-jerking as a brother who would go the extra mile to make his sister happy. And that is why this story we’re about to share is nothing short of a big deal.

Maverick Francisco Oyao was a Zamboanga City college student at the time his sister, Lu Asey, was ready for prom. Sadly, the chances of attending looked grim for Lu Asey as her family didn’t have the resources to get her something befitting for the event.

However, while Lu had probably given up hope of attending her prom, her brother had something else planned. Moved with love for his sister, Maverick set out to work and designed a gorgeous ball gown for Lu. He then went ahead to sew everything from scratch and documented the process on his Facebook page.

Sewing a dress as elaborate as a winter ball gown is no small challenge. Was he scared at any point that he was going to fail? Of course, he was. Maverick admitted that he wasn’t sure if he was equal to the task at the beginning. But there’s something that unconditional love does to anyone — it gives you the strength to push on against all fears.

In Maverick’s words, “I didn’t expect that I can do this on time. I even doubted myself if I can do this or not because the concept is different from what is already being done. But God is really good. He did not abandon me.” So, on he went, surfing the internet for ideas on how to sew a ball gown.  

After he gathered all the information he needed, he drew a unique design, chose blue and white colors for the dress, solicited help from his mum, and began putting the dress together one piece after the other. 

Maverick paid maximum attention to the details of the dress. He made criss-cross designs with white satin ribbons on the royal-blue skirt and scattered beaded plastic flowers on it. The gown’s bodice was a beautiful hand-painted ombre, and the sleeves were dramatic butterflies. 

Lu’s prom gown came out exceptionally beautiful, and she was excited to put it on. “I’ve done my part very well as your supportive brother and I will never get tired of supporting you, that’s your brother’s promise to you…Even though we didn’t get your wish for the best dress but for me it was the best dress and the best because you are wearing it. Your brother loves you so much,” he wrote.


Maverick’s story was a heartwarming and interesting one. His post went viral in no time, with commenters appreciating him for his kind heart. We are so proud of him!


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