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Lost Dog Found 450 Miles Away After Two Years Joyfully Reunited With Owner

Source - Jasmine Noffsinger/ Facebook & CBS 42

There is no distressing and emotional experience that can compare to losing your pet.

For many people, dogs are so much more than pets, and many consider them members of the family. The thought of losing them can be agonizing, and unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for dogs to go missing.

When these situations arise, many pet owners can feel helpless, desperate, and heartbroken, especially because the search for a missing dog can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and the longer a dog is missing, the greater the consequences.

Luckily, we have stories like Patricia’s.

After a span of two years, a dog discovered in Pensacola, Florida, has been joyfully reunited with its owner residing 450 miles away.

This little pup, who goes by the name Hamm, disappeared from his owner’s residence two years ago. On a recent Monday, while on their way to Starbucks, Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister Samantha came across a stray dog wandering on Fairfield Drive in Pensacola and decided to take him with them. The dog’s microchip was utilized to locate his rightful owner, Patricia DeWit, residing in Dade City.

To confirm the heartening news, Jasmine contacted Patricia over the phone. “At first, she couldn’t believe that I had found Hamm,” Jasmine explained. “To reassure her, I decided to Facetime her and show her the dog. As soon as she saw Hamm on the screen, she exclaimed, ‘Oh my god, Hamm, it’s Hamm!’ Her joy was evident, and everyone around her shared in the happiness.”

Later that day, they rendezvoused in Tallahassee so that Hamm could be reunited with his owner. Patricia recounted that Hamm recognized her right away, and despite the family’s new car, he hopped in without hesitation.

For Patricia and her husband, the most challenging aspect of the reunion was observing how much weight Hamm had lost during his absence. According to them, he was a little overweight before going missing. However, now their priority is to assist Hamm in regaining his original physique.


The whereabouts of Hamm for the past two years remain unknown. When Hamm went missing two years ago, the family conducted a thorough search. Their property was adjacent to a hundred acres, and Hamm had never strayed before. However, one of their family members had removed his collar that was connected to the electric fence, leaving Hamm with nothing to prevent him from escaping.

Jasmine reported that when the veterinarian initially scanned the microchip, no outcomes were found. Luckily, she didn’t give up and decided to contact the microchip company, which ultimately led her to Patricia.

Patricia strongly advises everyone to microchip their pets, whom she considers just as much family members as anyone else.

“Please ensure that you get your dogs and furry loved ones microchipped,” she emphasizes. “It made all the difference in finding Hamm.”

Apart from losing weight, Hamm is doing well according to Patricia. He is delighted to be home and even sleeping with her five-year-old son.

Losing a beloved pet is an incredibly upsetting experience, but heartwarming stories like Hamm’s reunion offer hope and inspiration to pet owners who find themselves in a similar situation. Microchipping has played a crucial role in reuniting Hamm with his owner, Patricia DeWit, and serves as a reminder of the importance of this simple procedure.

Microchipping involves implanting a small identification chip under the skin of a pet, typically between the shoulder blades. This chip contains a unique identification number that can be scanned by veterinarians, animal shelters, or animal control officers. When the chip is registered with the owner’s contact information, it enables quick and accurate identification, greatly increasing the chances of a lost pet being reunited with its owner.

The story of Hamm highlights the value of microchipping, even if it may not immediately yield results when scanned. Persistence and reaching out to the microchip company can provide vital information and lead to successful reunions.

Patricia’s advice to microchip pets resonates with pet owners worldwide. By taking this proactive step, owners can ensure that their furry family members have a better chance of being found and returned home if they ever go missing. It offers peace of mind and acts as an additional layer of protection for the cherished companions we hold dear.


Hamm’s successful reunion with Patricia demonstrates the power of microchipping and the importance of never giving up hope when searching for a missing pet. It serves as a powerful reminder of the deep bond between humans and their four-legged friends, showcasing the lengths people will go to ensure their beloved companions are safe and sound.


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