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Divorce and its Consequences

Here are a few consequences of divorce that children and families face

For some married couples, life becomes difficult and unbearable, leaving no choice but to get a divorce. Many things can lead to divorce, including insecurity, betrayals, depression, an abusive partner, arguments and quarrels with in-laws, and the inability to fulfill marital obligations. Financial issues, addictions, and many more can also culminate into a divorce.

Both husband and wife go through complications in their relationships, resulting in feelings of frustration and anxiety. Divorce brings drastic changes in people’s lives. While it often results in relief for both partners, it can also create or give rise to psychological and emotional crises. Below are some common consequences of divorce.

Trauma and Grief After Divorce

Children are the ones who suffer the most consequences of divorce. Their life as a family comes to an end. They are now divided and shuffled from one house to the other. The grandparents lose grandchildren, and their access to them becomes hard. The incident leaves a deep mark on all their lives.

Children now have to adapt to a new set of routines. They might have to change schools, lose friends or become part of a new step-family. The children might suffer from feelings of guilt, blaming themselves for their parent’s separation. The bitter experiences they go through can leave permanent scars on their personality. Children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. They find it harder to trust people. They shy away from intimacy and are often lonely and without friends.

Financial Stress

Divorce is expensive. The figures for average divorce proceedings are between $15,000 to $20,000. In addition, both parents are now spending more on their kids on providing them with a home, toys, vacations, and clothes. The minimum earning of a single mother in the United States is just $36,700 per year.

Division of Possessions and Memories

Giving up your household belongings and photos of the family can be heart-wrenching. It is like going through the stuff of a loved one who has passed away as the albums capture your most precious moments. Divorced people often find themselves torn between feelings of regret and resentment.

Sharing Holidays

Holidays, birthdays, weddings, or any other important occasion becomes uncomfortable and tense when the ex-husband or ex-wife have to share it with the other one’s new spouse. Rotation of kids during holidays like Christmas and Easter invariably leaves one parent alone during the happiest times of the year.

Being Single Again

After a divorce, you must adjust to being single again. As a divorcee, you need to be extra cautious when going on dates or remarrying. If you have kids, especially beware of who comes and goes in and out of your home. Kids whose parents got divorced are quite susceptible to feelings of abandonment. A new ‘step parent’ can cause your kids to be emotionally confused or traumatized.

Marriages can’t always be successful, and when the bond breaks, it automatically leads to the breakup of the family.


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