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Colorado Mom’s Dream of Homeownership Turns into a Nightmare with the Shocking Discovery of Snakes Living in Her Walls

Source: Reddit

According to a report by Denver7 News on May 3rd, a woman in Centennial, Colorado, was taken aback when she realized that her recently purchased home was crawling with snakes.

In a span of fewer than two weeks, Amber Hall found as many as ten of these unwelcome reptiles lurking within the walls of her garage. Hall shared that she first stumbled upon these creepy visitors when her dog began staring intently at the back wall of her garage.

Denver7 reported that Hall’s first encounter with a snake was next to the garage door, where it was coiled up in a crevice within the wall. She soon realized that there may be more snakes lurking within the walls when she placed her hand on the wall above and felt warmth emanating from it.

Hall expressed her fear of living in the house with the snakes, stating that she and her children are too scared to sleep in their beds or even use the restroom, fearing that the snakes might come out of the toilets. She also mentioned that she is unable to unpack her belongings due to her fear that there might be snakes hiding in the boxes.

Since then, Hall has paid approximately $1,000 to engage a snake wrangler to safely eliminate the snakes from her home.

Snake wranglers often use specific techniques and tools to capture snakes and relocate them to their natural habitat without doing them any harm.

According to the snake wrangler referred to by Hall in an interview with Denver7, considering the snakes’ dimensions, it is possible that some of them had been inhabiting the house for up to two years. Hall cited the wrangler’s estimate based on the size of the snakes.

As per Shannon Ogden, a news correspondent at Denver7, the real estate company was contacted about the snake invasion. The spokesperson from the company claimed that they were not aware of such an issue previously and assured that they would have informed the homeowner if they had noticed the presence of snakes.

According to Denver7, Hall expressed her concern about residing in the house and mentioned that she might have to tear up the concrete to locate the snakes. She further added that despite working hard all her life to own the house, she is unable to enjoy it, and the fear of snakes has made it challenging for her and her kids.


According to other reports, the snakes found in the house are most likely non-venomous garter snakes.

Despite being non-venomous, having snakes inside a home is generally undesirable. Joe Sheftel, the president of Blue Tick Pest and Wildlife Control, suspects that there might be a snake den underneath the homeowner’s garage.

He further added that once snakes have found their way inside a home, it’s challenging to remove them. Sheftel advises that having a pest inspection before buying a house can help avoid such issues.


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