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Bears Raid Krispy Kreme Van in Alaska

Source: Wish News

Few can resist the temptation of Krispy Kreme donuts – and that even includes bears. A mother bear and her cub satisfied their hankering for sweets after raiding a fully stocked Krispy Kreme delivery van in Alaska. On September 12, the delivery driver had made a pit stop at an Anchorage convenience store when the two bears saw the perfect opportunity to strike. The mother and cub made their way inside the van and consumed more than 20 packages of delicious donuts.

The donut delivery van was full of Krispy Kreme’s best offerings. From original glazed to chocolate glazed with rainbow sprinkles, the two hungry bears devoured every flavor with glee. The delivery driver only walked off for a brief moment, but he made the mistake of leaving both of the van’s doors open. The bears walked right inside the van to feast on as many donuts as they could grab. As expected, the two ravenous bears wreaked havoc on the delivery van and the tasty treats inside of it. The wild animals ate “packages of donut holes and pastries” until the stunned driver returned to find his van getting ransacked.

Once the delivery driver realized that his van and everything inside of it had been hijacked by two bears, he tried his best to scare them off by banging on the exterior of the van. Fortunately, Krispy Kreme was able to make light of the situation. The donut chain detailed the grizzly experience on their Facebook page, calling it an “UnBEARlievable Krispy Kreme ALASKA Moment!” The account continued to say, “This morning, our Krispy Kreme Alaska Delivery van had some unexpected visitors – a family of black bears couldn’t resist the sweet temptation of Krispy Kreme Donuts!” The company commended the Krispy Kreme van driver in the post by writing, “One of our brave delivery drivers managed to capture this incredible moment on camera. It’s a reminder that our donuts are loved by everyone, even the wildlife!”

According to the manager of the nearby convenience store where the delivery driver stopped, the bears caused quite a stir in Anchorage. “You could hear them breaking open the packages,” said Shelly Deano. She reportedly ran outside to help the frazzled delivery driver fend off the bears, but the animals were seemingly unphased by their efforts to shoo them away. “We were trying to beat on the van, but they just kept eating all the donuts,” she said. “They ate 20 packages of the doughnut holes and, I believe, six packages of the three-pack chocolate donuts.”

Eventually, the bears hurried off after loud sirens were used to scare them away. After the mother bear and her cub enjoyed an impromptu breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts, they both scurried off into the woods. Hundreds of people reacted to Krispy Kreme’s Facebook post about the bears raising the fully stocked delivery van. “How convenient, we have to love our animals, but I wish they would have brought me some. Thanks for the laughter,” wrote one commenter. Another person was quick to inquire about the kind of donuts the two bears were searching for, asking, “Were they looking for Bear Claws?”

Overall, the two hungry bears managed to get a few free donuts and everyone walked away unscathed. The Krispy Kreme delivery van may have gotten a bit roughed up and the stash of donuts had to be replaced, but at the end of the day, Krispy Kreme had a funny story to tell. As they said in their Facebook post, “At Krispy Kreme Alaska, we’re all about spreading joy and sweetness.”


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