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Adorable TikTok Video Shows Mom Building Bunk Beds for Her 8 Dachshunds

Source: @yunabugs/TikTok

On August 1, 2023, TikToker @yungabugs posted a now-viral video of her putting together bunk beds for her eight adorable dachshunds that she calls “The Weens.”

The TikTok star calls herself “Kinda like Cruella, but with 8 Weens.” and has become quite a viral sensation by showing her daily life with eight little dogs. Almost all of her videos include at least one of the pups, if not all eight, and their lives together.

In fact, @yunabugs has an incredible 5.3 million followers on TikTok. But while most of her videos only receive about 300k to 1 million views, this particular video has been watched a whopping 11.5 million times!

The video itself shows @yunabugs unpacking a bunk bed she purchased on Amazon that she then proceeds to assemble on camera. The music in the background is something like you might hear during a Three Stooges episode, i.e., it’s comically silly and certainly leads the viewer to believe something is about to go wrong.

Throughout the 1.5-minute clip, @yunabugs expresses her general frustration as she puts together the bunk beds, and while she’s the only human working hard, her eight “weens” are running around the room, causing chaos.

Not only is the video completely adorable and endearing, but it’s also quite funny to watch. Of course, it’s always comedic to watch someone attempt a construction-like project if they’re not a skilled worker, but it’s really the dogs that steal the show.

@yunabugs is constantly talking to her eight pups pronouncing around the room with comments like “are you guys ready is everybody ready to build,” and “meatball I know you’re trying to help, I’m gonna be honest with you I think you’re making it a little worse.”

At one point, she even says to one of the dogs, apparently named Einstein, “if you’re lucky you’ll be on MTV cribs.”

While she is clearly confused by the instructions and desperately frustrated by the process, @yunabugs completes the bunk beds and tells viewers that it’s certainly sturdy. Likely to make sure any commentators don’t harass her for not building a secure bed for the dogs.


Finally, we get to see the completed project with cute blue cushions in place. A few of the dogs have made camp on the bottom bunk, while the braver of the lot are already headed up the stairs to the top.

By the end, it’s very clear that there’s plenty of space for all of them to get comfy and cozy, and the eight dachshunds absolutely love their new bunk bed.

Even though @yunabugs already has more than 5 million followers watching her hilarious and delightful “weens” videos, it’s likely that she’ll get quite a few more because of this bunk bed post.

It seems people are completely hooked on these eight little pups and what life with a whole litter of dogs is like. And the truth is that they are just too cute to miss!


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