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A 101-Year-Old Woman Who Still Works and Drives Shares Her Lifehack for Longevity

Source: @joannstores/TikTok

Jayne Burns is a centenarian who still has a 9 to 5 job even though she has lived for over 100 years. She seems to have gotten a handle on the aging process and has decided to share her most essential tip for longevity — stay active. 

Burns, a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, has worked at her present job for 25 years and believes always keeping active is the chief secret of her longevity. 

If you ever lived to be 100, what would your dream life at that age be? Sunbathing at the beach or taking it easy in a house full of grandkids? Well, maybe it is a little difficult to preempt what a centenary life will be like. However, it has been an enjoyable ride for Jayne Burns, a 101-year-old woman. 

Unlike many senior citizens like herself, Burns has been in and out of retirement and eventually discovered that she couldn’t afford to just sit around. So, she has been working part-time as a fabric cutter at a Joanne store in Mason, Ohio, since 1995, and she doesn’t have any plans of quitting yet. 

What’s even more interesting about this centenarian is that she drives herself to and from work and discharges most of her work responsibilities with very minimal assistance. 

When asked what her secrets are for living for so long and in good shape, Burns acknowledged not knowing what exactly it is in her lifestyle that made it possible. She also admitted that it definitely wasn’t genetic, and to buttress this fact, she pointed out that her parents passed on at relatively younger ages. 

So, Burns decided to share a couple of tips that she believes helped her maintain good health despite living for so long. 

  • Always keep active. Every fitness coach harps this tip to their subscribers; apparently, it’s not meant for the young alone. Even in old age, Burns advises that we get as active as our physique can permit. 
  • Keep up with friends. There are few things that can beat down a person like having no one to interact with. So, Burns advises cultivating healthy and interactive relationships, even in old age. 
  • Eat everything, albeit moderately. Burns mentioned during one of her interviews that she used to have a habit of carefully watching the things she ate. However, she stopped doing that a while back. Instead, she now eats whatever she feels like, but does it with utmost moderation. 
  • Keep your skin and body in line. Yes, your body may want to give up on you as you age, but not if you take the necessary precautions. Burns still indulges in beauty treatments at 101; isn’t that amazing?! 
  • Your health will tank sometimes, don’t let that get you down. The human body, particularly the internal organs, experiences wear and tear over time; that’s normal. Burns advises that you prepare your mind for this as you grow older and learn to get used to it. 

There you have it – a lifehack for longevity from someone who still works and drives at 101!

Written By Olawale Ogunjimi

Olawale is an experienced writer with a passion for creating captivating content across various verticals. With over five years of experience and a knack for storytelling, Olawale is highly adept at creating engaging and informative pieces that resonate with audiences. Outside of work, he enjoys solving puzzles and playing Scrabble.


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