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6 Things Your Cat Hates

These are the things that you do that your cat hates.

All cats are different in their own ways. While they are all adorable, cats are known to be emotional and excitable creatures. There are a certain few things that humans do that almost all cats hate. Here are six different things your cat hates. Read on to learn more!

Things Your Cat Hates

Vacuum Cleaners

To be more specific, cats hate almost all loud noises. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and even fights or loud arguments happening in the home can all cause serious stress to your cats. Vacuuming is something they really hate as it is usually in very close proximity to the felines.

Of course, you can’t stop cleaning and vacuuming your home, especially with all the cat hair everywhere. But you can be a little more thoughtful about it. Place your cats in a room that is away from the part of the house you are vacuuming in. Also, never use a vacuum to clean your pet cat as it will get very scared and might lash out or run wild!

Cradling Your Cat Like a Baby

You might think of your cat like your very own baby, but don’t cradle them like you do little human children. According to vets, cats hate being held and cradled like a baby as they feel insecure. Cats feel more comfortable when they are sitting as they can attack easily if need be. It’s in their nature to always be ready to attack.

Other Cats

Cats are territorial creatures. Even your household cat has an area that it considers as its territory. And cats don’t like it when other felines intrude or trespass on their territory. Cats can, of course, still learn to share their territories and get along. You just have to make sure you treat all your cats the same. They can notice and understand if you treat them unequally or differently!

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners might smell amazing to humans, but it isn’t pleasing to cats at all. Cats use their scent a lot more than us humans, and air fresheners, scented candles, and incense might be very irritating to your feline friends’ noses. Veterinarians say that cats use their scents as a way to track prey, and having new, very strong scents in your house can cause sensory overloads and irritation to your cats.

Tummy or Belly Rubs

Some cats love it, while some cats hate it. The belly is where cats kick each other when they fight each other. Rubbing or touching them too forcefully in their bellies could be seen by the cat as a sign of aggression, and they could respond by scratching, biting, or running away. While it is possible your cat could love getting pet on the belly, just be sure not to rub them too aggressively.

Loneliness and Boredom

It isn’t just dogs that get lonely or bored. Cats love being independent and left alone, but they also love affection from their humans when they want to! Cats can get just as lonely as dogs if left alone for extended periods.

It would be best if you gave your cats a variety of different toys and ample space to play around in. If you plan on leaving your home and cat alone for some time, maybe leave a few pet food puzzles, so your cat remains busy solving puzzles for their food. Maybe tell a friend (that your cat likes) to visit every once in a while when it’s alone, to keep it happy!

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Riley Brown
Written By Riley Brown

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