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4 Games You Can Play With Your Pets

Play these games with your pets for the most fun!
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Playtime is a very important activity in a pet’s life. No pet likes to live with no fun and games. Games help your pet develop physically and even mentally too. In this article, we will show you some games you can play with your pets!

Pets hate being cuffed and restrained for the whole day and need some activity daily to remain healthy. Active games play a crucial part for both pets and their owners. They help your pets get trained better, improve their mental and physical health, and allow the pet and owners to grow closer to each other.

4 Games to Play with your Pets

Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek with your dog by commanding him to stay while you go and hide. This game is great as it lets your dog practice their scent tracking skills and also gives them a good chance to practice commands like ‘stay’ and ‘come.’ Make sure you give the dog lots of love and treats whenever it finds you!

You can also play this game by hiding treats. Ask the dog to stay or get it distracted, then hide some treats around your house, leaving trails of scents along the way. You can get your dog to use their smelling skills and problem-solving abilities to find their treats!

String Toys

These toys are perfect if your cat has lots of energy. You can buy these types of toys easily and cheaply from anywhere, or you can even make them yourself at home. All you need is a small stick with a string and a ball or feather attached to one end.

Wave this toy around and over your kitty and watch it zoom and jump around trying to catch the toy. Keep mixing things up by using the toy in different ways. You can have your cat running around fast, or you can move the ball around slowly and watch your cat stalk and pounce on the toy.

Play this game in open spaces as cats jumping around fragile objects wouldn’t be the greatest idea! Have lots of room for your cat to run and jump around in.

Tug of War

You can play tug of war both indoors and outdoors with your pets. This game isn’t just fun and playful but also builds up your pet’s physical condition.

Some people believe that letting your dog win in these strength-type games can cause them to get more aggressive or dominant. But this is just not true; let your dog win sometimes, as this will make the game more engaging and fun for it. This game is also a great way to practice different commands like ‘stop’ and ‘drop it.’


Laser fun

Laser pointers are a great way to have fun with your cats and even some dogs! They provide endless fun for you and your pet, allowing them to zoom around trying to catch the little red dot. You can also buy specially made laser toys for your pets to keep your cat having fun while you are busy.

They are a great way to captivate your cat’s predatory feelings and let them stalk, chase, and pounce on the ‘prey.’ Make sure you give the pet some kind of reward when the game is over, as not catching something after stalking it for a while can leave the pet discouraged or frustrated.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article helps you and your pet grow closer together while also bettering your pet’s health. Try out a few different games and see which one your pet loves the most!


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