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Why Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard Can Be Fun

benefits of owning chickens

You may or may not have thought about keeping chickens in your backyard. It could have been a passing thought said out loud by your mom or something you saw on the internet that got you excited about having pet chickens.

Whatever the reason may be – this article is here to help you finalize that decision in your head because, as it turns out, there are many benefits to owning chickens.

1. Consistent supply of fresh, organic eggs

If you are a fan of sunny-side-up for breakfast and are careful about your food choices, there is nothing better than having your own supply of organic eggs. We already know how organic food items are pricier. It almost feels like a punishment for choosing a healthier lifestyle. Well, not if you are keeping chickens in your backyard! Never worry about running to the grocery store for eggs again.

2. Make some extra cash!

Even with a small flock of chickens, you will most likely have more eggs than you can consume daily. You can always sell those extra few to your neighbors or in a nearby farmer’s market. You already know what organic eggs cost in the market, so might as well sell your own and make some extra cash.

3. Enjoy some fun family time

Chickens are friendly and well-behaved pets that can offer many educational lessons to the kids in your family. Keeping chickens in your backyard is a fun way to engage your children and spend some time with them.

4. Kitchen leftovers? No problem!

Chickens tend to have big appetites, so they eat a lot, but on top of that, they can eat almost anything! You do not have to feel guilty about throwing away leftovers or leaving them to rot – just feed it to your chickens and watch them turn those into gold for your soil (read next point for full disclosure).

5. Pest control and natural fertilizer at your service

Keeping chickens in your backyard can be a lot of help around your garden. One of the major benefits of owning chickens is pest control. They will eat any bugs, beetles, and pests they can get their beaks on! Chicken-poop is considered one of the best fertilizers for your garden as it is full of nutrients. It looks like there is only winning in this game.


So, if you are still wondering whether or not you should be keeping chickens in your garden or yard – we’d suggest you think no further. If you have some time and space – these low-maintenance birds make great pets and offer a ton of benefits that no other pet can give you.


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