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Teaching Your Parrot How To Speak

Simple ways to teach your parrot how to talk

Do you want to have an intelligent conversation with a pet? Teach your parrot to talk. This amazing bird has the ability to pick words from the language spoken around it and use them intelligently. A talking parrot gives hours of pleasure and fun, and it is so interesting to hear them talk.

However, not all species of parrots can speak as easily as some of the other species. So don’t be disappointed if your parrot is not talking – it may be a different breed. Before we go further, it would be better to know which parrot species can talk. Let’s find out.

Parrot Species That Talk

People often believe all species of parrots can speak, but this is not true. Most parrot species are kept as pets for their vibrant colors, yet the added treat of these colorful birds are their vocals. But you have to research and know which species can talk before you bring them home if that is your preference.

Some of the popular species that can talk include Amazon parrots, African gray parrots, and cockatoos. However, other smaller species of parrots can also learn to talk over time like the budgies and lovebirds. These intelligent birds can recognize language and learn to speak a few words over time.

How to Train Your Parrot

Teaching your parrot how to speak isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Here are some simple ways you can teach your parrot to talk.

Keep it simple

The parrot may be an intelligent bird, but it would be better to teach them to speak using simple, easy words and phrases. Some easy words are ‘hello’ or ‘bye’. Once they have picked these up, you can use other words. Parrots are known to pick up whole sentences, phrases, and even songs. But this takes time and depends on the ability of the parrot. So don’t push them. Give them time to grow into a conversationalist.

Repeat, talk, repeat

These birds are good at mimicking you, so it would be a good idea to keep on repeating the words that you want them to mimic. Once again, make sure you use simple words so that they are able to pick them up faster. Just let them learn at their own pace.

Clarity and pronunciation

For anyone to learn a new language, it is important to speak clearly with the correct pronunciation. This will help the learner to pick up the words and utter them correctly. Similarly, when teaching your parrot to talk, you should speak and pronounce words properly so that when your parrot starts talking, it does so in a proper manner. Once a word is learned it is difficult or nearly impossible for the bird to unlearn it.

Be patient

As any parent of a toddler will tell you, be patient and don’t hurry the child to learn anything new. The same applies to an animal or bird. You have to be very patient while teaching them new tricks. The parrot may have the ability to pick up words, but the pace of learning may vary. Some may be fast learners while others may take more time than anticipated. So don’t rush your parrots.

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Of course, it will take some time and energy until your parrot starts talking. However, once they have pick up a few words and start saying small sentences, you will definitely enjoy your conversations with your talking parrot.

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