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How to Make the Most of Your Cat Training Sessions

pet training in progress

You may have heard plenty of pet training tips from friends, relatives, and even expert dog trainers. You can use these pet training tactics to teach your pet to do the right thing when you order it to.

Many people think that they cannot train cats. Cats might be less open to training, and that they don’t respond as well as dogs do. However, cats do react differently to different training methods. So it pays to use the right method for pet training.

Training your cat can help you bond with your kitten and understand it better. However, kittens like being independent. So you will have to exercise some patience and diligence while training your kitten.

You may want to teach new tricks to your kitten. Or you may want to teach it something useful like keeping off the kitchen table.

Whatever you want to teach it to do, here are the pet training tips that you can use.

Use Lots of Treats

Using treats to train your kitten is known to work but choosing the right treat is important.

Train your kitten using positive reinforcement. You can guide your cat towards the right behavior by using food rewards as well as verbal cues and gestures.

Train Right Before Meal Time

Just when it is time to feed your kitten, you should carry out training because this is the time when food rewards will work best. Kittens are more receptive to training when they are hungry. However, this does not mean you should deny your kitten food if it does not train well. Just take advantage of mealtime to make treats more rewarding.

Quiet Surroundings

Don’t train in a noisy environment, especially if you have a young cat. The sound of TV or stereo can be distracting and can divert their attention. So make sure that the place where you are training is quiet.



You should be consistent in your training. That is, you should use the same cues and signals. Remaining consistent will reduce the chances of your cat getting confused.

You can, however, switch treats to offer your little pet a more interesting variety.

Train One Skill At a Time

Whether you are training a puppy or a kitten, it is best to try and teach it just one skill at a time. Don’t try to teach multiple tricks in one sitting, or you might end up confusing your little pet.

Bottom Line

You can make the most of your pet training sessions if you really want to. All you need to be is kind and patient.


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