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9 Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety

If anxiety is your number one enemy, watch out for this space to learn how you can control it. Keep reading to know more.

Anxiety can put you in a rather challenging frame of mind by making you think too much about certain situations, causing you to feel restless. People who suffer from anxiety issues face challenges like insomnia, restlessness, food disorders, perspiration, lack of focus, and more.

So, how does one fight the big “A?” How does one tell themselves to relax as if nothing’s wrong and all their troubles are just in their head? Fortunately, there are ways you can use to combat or reduce your anxiety and feel at ease. Let’s explore a few ways you can reduce your anxiety by natural means.

1. Stay Physically Active

Good exercise can go a long way as not only is it a great way to distract yourself, but it also helps you channel your inner restlessness into a healthier activity, and release the stress you’ve been carrying.

2. Stay Away from Alcohol

Beverages such as alcohol can increase your blood pressure and heartbeat, hence increasing your anxiety levels. So, it isn’t such a good idea to consume any sort of alcohol if you’re going through anxiety. In fact, try to stay away from it as much as you can.

3. Stop Smoking

Some people consider smoking as a quick fix to reduce anxiety and stress. However, it only enhances one’s anxiety levels over time. According to research, the nicotine present in cigarettes tends to get to the brain and alter pathways that link to anxiety.

4. Consume Lesser Caffeine

Caffeine is a great fix to get your mind active and awake, but if you already suffer from anxiety, we’d suggest you go easy on your caffeine doses. Too much caffeine tends to increase one’s perspiration which has a detrimental effect on their anxiety.

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

We understand insomnia is a result of anxiety. However, if you can’t sleep, read a self-soothing book to calm yourself or do activities that get you tired. Don’t unnecessarily use your phone or tablet in bed as it will only make you more awake.

6. Meditate

Meditation is a rather productive way that helps an individual channel all of their stress and focus on their breathing – calming them down. Meditating is known to have great effects on one’s anxiety levels.

7. Eat Healthy Nutrition

Having a balanced diet positively impacts your anxiety as well. Some foods that are high in sugar tend to enhance one’s anxiety by increasing their blood pressure. Stay away from such foods and consume healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables as much as you can.


8. Try Aromatherapy

The way aromatherapy works is by using healthy fragrant essential oils that benefit the body and mind. Aromatherapy helps you relax, get rid of chaotic thoughts, and calm your mind down. It might be worth a try as it’s known to have some good effects on people who go through anxiety.

9. Drink Chamomile Tea

A cup of hot and steaming chamomile tea at night helps put one to sleep. It’s known to have ingredients that help calm frayed nerves and reduces insomnia. Recent studies have also found chamomile tea to be a great fix for people looking to reduce or control their anxiety.


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