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7 Unusual Pets You Can Keep

These pets are rather peculiar to have as nobody ever keeps them. Keep reading to know more about these unusual pets.

If you’re an animal lover, you probably have a bunch of pets in your house. Pets are known to complete a family by making it more picturesque. But are you tired of choosing from the same old usual list of pets? If so, why not have a rather peculiar pet that isn’t a cat or a dog or even a hamster?

Keeping an unusual pet can surely raise a few eyebrows as not everyone will understand your purpose in bringing them home in the first place. However, if you want to raise a rather peculiar pet, you can by all means.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most unusual pets you can keep.

1. Fennec Fox

Don’t get intimidated just because it has ”fox” attached to its name. They’re literally smaller than cats and are actually very smart. You can train them to use the litter box, and also teach them how to behave in public. They are cute, friendly, and smart animals to keep.

2. Capybara

Capybaras look like guinea pigs or hamsters but are nothing like them. They grow up to be four feet long, and they require plenty of room and an adequate water habitat of some sort – maybe a pond. However, capybaras are illegal to keep in some countries, so make sure there isn’t any such law where you live.

3. Miniature Donkeys

If you’re planning to keep one, you’ll need to get two as these donkeys as they can’t stand to be lonely and crave company. They are small, cute, and fuzzy but also require plenty of room for themselves. Keeping miniature donkeys is a great idea as they’re great with children and also aren’t harmful.

4. Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are perceived to be dangerous because of their thorny spines. However, they’re actually very friendly animals who tend to become very loyal and affectionate towards their owners. Hedgehogs are low-maintenance animals but require a lot of attention when they’re small.

5. Skunks

Skunks are pretty playful animals if you ignore the scent they give out. However, if you’re planning to keep them as pets, you can always have their scent glands removed. However, keep in mind they shouldn’t be frequently exposed out in public after their scent glans are taken out.

6. Spotted Genets

If you’re a fan of independent animals, spotted genets are for you. They are active animals who like it much better when they’re the only pet in the house. Genets look like a cross between ferrets, cats, and raccoons. However, they are also exotic pets which is why you need to check your local area law before bringing them home.


7. Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are tiny creatures you’ll want to cuddle with as they’re rather loyal and affectionate.  They ought to bring a lot of joy into your family as they are playful and can be taught quite a few tricks. However, keep in mind that they’re nocturnal animals who like to stay up at night. So, be prepared for that if you end up getting some as unusual pets.


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