Woman Discovers Her Childhood Artwork For Sale in a Thrift Store

By: Stephen Thompson | Published: Oct 24, 2023

If you want an insight into a child’s mind, ask them to draw or make a painting. Children’s artwork shows an undiluted imagination and a unique worldview.

In it, you can see the extent of their imagination and creativity. Many would cherish their child’s art, but one woman did not expect to see her childhood piece at a thrift store.

Amateur Watercolor

Nicole Dominguez impulsively visited an antique warehouse out of town, and she saw a portrait of her mom that she made when she was five years old that was on sale for $48. 


Source: NicoleDominguez/ TikTok

The art was named “Amateur Watercolor.” She recorded a video and posted it on TikTok. The footage she posted on her account showed her confusion and disbelief. The shop owner, however, kindly let her have it for free.

A Viral Sensation

Nicole’s video quickly went viral, gaining almost 600,000 views and 200 comments. Another TikTok user narrated how their grandmother’s oil painting was similarly sold for $75. 


Source: NicoleDominguez/ TikTok

Nicole explained in the video how she immediately called her mom when she saw the artwork. Her mother was also surprised and asked Nicole to ensure she brought the painting back home.

Loss of Possession Due to Relocation

According to Nicole’s story, her family had relocated, and some possessions were left in a piece of furniture or storage, so it was still shocking to know the painting was out there. 


Source: Wanderlustingk/ Pinterest

When the antique store owner contacted the person who sold the artwork, the seller claimed to know nothing about the art’s history. Nicole further said she would have proved the painting was hers by showing the date, her name, and the age she was when she painted the artwork, but it had already been framed.

Storing Childhood Art

Some commenters suggested that Nicole’s mom might have given the art away, but Nicole replied, “You do not know my mom; she only kept one piece of artwork from me and my sister’s childhood,” Nicole said. 


Source: NicoleDominguez/ TikTok

“Due to the small space of their new house, she had to keep the rest in the room storage,” she stated. Her mother doesn’t know how it got into a seller’s hands as she expected it to be where she kept it.