Whale Breaches and Knocks Man Off Surfboard – ‘I Feared for My Life’

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Apr 04, 2024

A man surfing in the waters of Sydney had the scare of his life when a whale knocked him off his board.

The Australian surfer says he had a one-in-a-million encounter with the whale who pulled him nearly 30 feet under the water.

Surfer Gets Smashed by Whale

An Australian surfer known as “Jaws” was filming himself wing surfing in Sydney when something unexpected happened.

Man gets slammed by a whale in Syndey’s Mona Vale Beach

Source: @SkyNews/TikTok

Out of nowhere, an enormous whale jumped out of the ocean and smashed into him.


Wing Surfing in Sydney

Jaws had been wing surfing in Sydney’s Mona Vale Beach when the encounter happened.

A surfer heads out at Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia

Source: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Wing surfing, or wing foiling, is a sport similar to windsurfing that involves standing on a board and holding onto a wind-powered wing.

It Just Came Out of Nowhere

After the encounter, Jaws spoke about the experience with 9News Today in Australia.

Jaws in the waters of Sydney after the whale incident

Source: @SkyNews/TikTok

He said, “It just started coming out of the water, and I knew it was a whale.”

Captured Everything on His GoPro

Jaws explained to the news team that he had caught the entire experience on his GoPro.

A Woman records her friend’s watersports routine with a GoPro

Source: Hoch Zwei/Getty Images

In the video, Jaws can be seen wing foiling when, all of a sudden, the whale jumped out of the water and smashed right into his body.

“I’m in Trouble”

As the whale lunged out of the water and smashed into the side of the surfer, Jaws spoke about what was going through his head.

A man gets knocked off his surfboard by a whale in Sydney

Source: @SkyNews/TikTok

“I’m in trouble,” he thought as he saw the huge whale approaching him.


I Just Got Hit by a Whale

The video shows Jaws getting knocked out of his wing foiling board before being dragged underwater.

A sperm whale and two young ones swimming under the surface of the water in the Indian Ocean

Source: Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Jaws managed to record the entire time and even filmed himself returning to the surface, where he’s heard saying, “I just got hit by a whale.”


30 Feet Under the Water

When speaking about the experience, Jaws said his leash became entangled with the whale, which pulled him 30 feet underwater.

Image taken of a man swimming in the sea using an underwater camera

Source: Maddie Mayer/Getty Images

He said, “When it came down on top of me, it got caught in my leg rope. So as it dived down, I was getting dragged down.”


Thank My Lucky Stars

Jaws continued by explaining that he eventually felt the leash of his board break, which released him from under the whale’s body.

Man tries to get to the surface of the water in Sao Miguel, Portugal

Source: Handout/Getty Images

He said, “I thank my lucky stars that something that’s not supposed to break broke and ringed the webbing out.”


Lucky Escape

Jaws claims that it’s not uncommon for whales to be covered in barnacles.

A humpback whale jumps out of the water during a whale-watching tour

Source: Alfredo Martinez/Getty Images

If that had been the case, there’s a good chance he “would have been ripped apart.”


No Serious Injuries

However, to his amazement, he wasn’t seriously injured during the traumatic event.

A Young humpback whale with its mother in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean

Source: Alexis Rosenfeld

Speaking with 9News, Jaws said that he believed the whale was a juvenile, and if it had been an adult, he could have been in serious trouble.


One in a Million

Jaws finished by saying, “The whole thing was unusual, one in a million,”

Man participating in watersport just under 200km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro

Source: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

He continued, “It’s a massive ocean, and there was a guy on a headland who just happened to be filming by coincidence, and my GoPro, I wasn’t pointing or filming, so to get the footage was amazing.”