Kind Woman Saves Stray Cat And Receives Heartwarming Surprise

By: Olawale Ogunjimi | Last updated: Sep 29, 2023

Cats are lovely animals, and they make excellent companions if cared for properly. Lisianne, from Quebec, Canada, got to experience the warmth of a stray fluffy cat who wandered into her garden one fine summer day.

The cat belonged to a colony of strays near her home. Just like any thoughtful person would, Lisianne brought out a bowl of food and water for the hungry cat. One day, the cat came back, and this time, she wasn’t alone.

A Cat Named “Usagi”

No matter how hard you try to resist their enchanting eyes or fantastic furs, cats can make you fall in love with them. For Lisianne, she found herself forming a friendship with this stray cat who kept coming back for food and playtime.


Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal/Facebook

Lisianne named the cat “Usagi,” and soon, the two settled into a routine. Her furry friend would visit, and Lisianne would set food out, awaiting her arrival. As a result, Usagi’s belly kept getting bigger and bigger.

Knock Knock! Who’s Home?

Lisianne was worried her furry friend was being overfed, but it turns out Usagi was simply pregnant. Weeks after Usagi gave birth, she brought all her six gorgeous kittens to meet Lisianne, the woman who feeds her.


Source: Pinterest

One by one, the fluffy cat lined up her babies on Lisianne’s porch. Lisianne opened up her home to the momma cat and her babies and gave them a room in her home for the time being. Later, she reached out to the local shelter and her friends for help.

In Need of Medical Attention

While the cute kittens were spitting images of their mom, it was evident they needed medical assistance. Lisianne called the rescue group Chatons Orphelins Montreal. Turns out the cats had breathing problems and suffered from conjunctivitis.


Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal/Facebook

“At long last, the mother and her six children were secure,” Chatons Orphelins Montreal stated. “[Lisianne] chose to keep the mother and treated and spayed her, while one of her friends adopted one of the kittens.”

Getting the Treatment They Needed

Thankfully, the kittens were treated by a veterinarian, and their condition improved greatly. Not only that, but as they healed they became more accepting of humans by being regularly exposed to them. 


Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal/Facebook

They started socializing more and having fun together. Now the five remaining kittens are in search of their forever homes. Among the five are three females and two males. Each with its distinct character, they are sure to find a loving home soon.