The Most Unbelievable Sibling Texts and Stories that are Savage

By: Shelly Grinfeld | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

They say that a sibling is the greatest gift you could ask for. Having a sibling is almost like having a built-in best friend, but what they don’t tell you is that sometimes it is simply just a hit or a miss. When it’s a miss it can be devastating, so much so that it will make you wish that you didn’t have a sibling at all. It’s undoubtedly more work for you if you have a toxic sibling. If your sibling is simply someone who likes to push your buttons maybe the saying is true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We almost can’t believe that this is real life, can you?

Here are some of the craziest and most unbelievable sibling texts and stories that will make you thankful that it isn’t your sibling. Full disclosure you may want to hug your sibling after this countdown, that is if you don’t have the urge to add them to this list after this. For your sake, we hope it isn’t the latter because if it is you might need a hug instead.

Earth Shattering

We’ve all gotten a little rough with our siblings from throwing a few punches to locking them out of the room but this takes temperament and sibling disagreement to a whole new level of danger. Can you picture shoving your sibling through a glass door? let alone at 23? You should know better! Hopefully this little sibling isn’t scarred for like and things got better after that.


Source: Alexey Emelyanov from Getty Images / Canva Pro / Reddit

Is there even any worse to go from here? Just thinking about it can give you chills. Where are your parents? There is no shame in this household, replacing the door is a pain but your child is irreplaceable. It’s safe to say this menacing sibling is a lost cause not to mention if he is anything like his is to his sibling, in society we have concerns for the people and the doors of the world.


The Farthest Thing from Peace

Whether it’s on purpose or by accident sometimes all you want is quiet and the one thing that stands between you and your ideal peaceful evening is your sibling. This was the case here for this sibling. All they wanted was to watch their movie and year all they could hear was what was on the other side, their sibling. Hopefully, this disruption had a happy ending otherwise the evening will lack both film and music.


Source: Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed

Will there still be entertainment towards the end of the evening? Perhaps these siblings can find a suitable solution to fit both of their needs. Hopefully, negotiations are a bit easier than what it takes to negotiate in certain households. Sometimes things can take a turn for the worse, the neighbors may have some nice complaints but not for the reasons you think.

The Farthest Thing from a Beer Ball

At least this sibling’s phone was spared but we can’t say the same for his brother. A tantrum at 36 is less than becoming, maybe even concerning at this point. This is a red flag if we ever saw one and it is shining bright red. This is almost as toxic for the sibling as it is for the parents. Asking your parents for money for the small luxuries in life seems like a no-go and now he doesn’t even have a phone to break the ice.


Source: BGStock72 / Canva Pro

Take note little siblings for what not to do. Certainly breaking your phone and throwing a fit won’t get you what you want. If it didn’t work at two years old it probably won’t work at 36 either. Good luck brothers and sister, it looks like you’ll need it if you’re dealing with the likes of him.

Lier Lier Pants on Fire

Asking your sibling for a favor seems like a fine thing to do but if you’re roping them into a lie and a whole double life that is entirely different from your own then you may want to think twice. If this is the type of relationship you want to have it may be the brightest red flag. Will your dog turn into your sibling’s getaway card? Who gets him on Christmas? The weekend? Not to mention family vacations if this “chick” comes along.


Source: textsfrommybrother / Via

Family dinners may be awkward if that random chick turns into a girlfriend, especially around the holidays. Would you let your sibling turn you into an accomplice?

You Birthday is a Gift

Wishing your sibling a Happy Birthday is the nice thing to do but if this is the way your sibling goes about it then it might not be the best birthday you could ask for. Leave it to your sibling to wish you well and burn you all at the same time. No matter what you think that’s a skill in itself, whether it is the best one to have or not is an argument for another day. Hopefully this sibling remembers that what goes around comes around and eventually their birthday will be coming up.

Source: / Via

Whether or not their sibling takes the high road or retaliates is yet to be determined but we look forward to getting an update from this interesting sibling pair. Here’s hoping that next year is a little nicer than this one.


Emojis Speak Volumes

As far as text conversations go, this one is extremely telling. We aren’t sure if this was an off day or this sibling relationship is at the point of no return. You must have done something horrible if these are the mid-day texts you’re getting from your sibling on a random Tuesday. That or your relationship is at a point of no return.


Source: beckygaunt / Via

At this point, there might be nowhere to go from here, but if you have hit rock bottom there is always a bright side. There is nowhere to go but up, that is if gravity doesn’t keep messing it up. What a way to start the day, we hope they love each other deep down inside but we are having some trouble seeing it from here.


The Roof Is On Fire

Buring your house down on purpose is already bad, but trying to burn your house down with your sibling in it on purpose has to be a new record of horrible. How must more evil can you be? This is a whole bucket of trust issues waiting to take center stage. If you can’t trust your sibling who can you even trust? Luckily, everyone made it out alive, but there probably are a few scars in the fold. Your parents most likely also have some questions and concerns.

Source: DAPA Images / Canva Pro

As a parent not telling you about it may seem like the best option, but finding out about it later might just be worse. Hopefully, the sibling caught in the act got over their unsettling feelings and their sibling relationship still has room to thrive. If they haven’t then hopefully there aren’t any more fires between them. At least they live in separate homes now, but we’d still sleep with one eye open if we were them.


Ditch Driving

Risking your safety is never okay but risking someone else’s as well in the process might be even worse. Just because you have a sibling doesn’t give you the right to put them in danger. Pushing your sibling’s buttons is only okay to a certain point when it turns into disruption of the driver, you should know you’ve crossed a line.


Source: anyaberkut from Getty Images / Canva Pro

We don’t think these siblings will be going on any long road trips together any time soon and we wouldn’t blame them. After this encounter, we wouldn’t trust them to be left alone together in the car either.


Treacherous Teacher

How bad does your sibling have to be for your teacher to hate you by default? The answer is pretty bad and that’s exactly what happened to this pair of siblings. The school year may have gone down hill real quick. It’s true what they say, “if you can’t beat them join them.” The sibling in question may have living up to the name as a result.

Source: Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed

What’s good about having a sibling if not getting the inside scoop on teachers? In this case it backfired all around. If you’re hated by your teacher because of your sibling then your sibling must have done something truly treacherous during their time. Can you really blame this teacher for not taking the high road? yes, she should probably know better but maybe this sibling was a menace. It sucks for this little sibling though, seems like they got the short end of the stick. Talk about not being a considerate older sibling.


Buck Me Off the Bunk

A relationship that promotes an accident waiting to happen may not be the best one. Hopefully, there weren’t that many injuries in the making throughout these two’s shenanigans. Aren’t older sisters supposed to protect the younger ones and not cause them harm? This older sister’s sibling card may need some amendments. Promoting your sister to throw herself on to the floor without you lifting a finger requires some talent though we have to admit.


Source: MNstudio / Canva Pro

If they went to sleepaway camp together things may have gotten even messier. Getting your sister to do the same amongst the other campers seems like an even worse scenario to explain in front of the campers and counselors. It’s a broken nose waiting to happen.


If You Can't Do the Time, Don't Do the Crime

No, not a horror movie or a thriller but real life. When you need to film your sibling as evidence you know things have reached their peak and not in a good way. Threats of murder, bats, hammers, and the scarest of blowups should be left to Hollywood and on the big screen. Thankfully this mother and sibling managed to escape the horrifying saga they found themselves in. Here is what not to do as a sibling 101 or as any human being for that matter.

Source: Vesnaandjic from Getty Images Signature / Canva Pro

We doubt this family will be going to visit the jail any time soon. If you can’t handle the heat, you better stay out of the kitchen. In this case, it was especially burning, but thankfully they didn’t get stuck in the fire. Blood may be thicker than water but if this is the case we’ll take a pitcher of water instead, any day of the week. We’re sure they would too.


You D...Delivery Has Arrived

Siblings love to tease and give each other a hard time but does this cross the line? Talk about embarrassing, hopefully, this joke didn’t spread to the family chat or else that’s just awkward. We guess that this scenario all depends on how well your sibling can take a joke. The mic has dropped now all that’s left to do is to wait for the other shoe to drop.


Source: bocajen / Via

We are quite interested in understanding what kind of Amazon shopping history prompted this text exchange. Maybe this sibling knows something that the others don’t. Family dinners are about to get interesting, to say the least.


Out with the Old in With the New

These half-siblings are distant but after this, they’ll probably be even more distant than before. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean that you automatically get hand-me-downs and free stuff. Even more so if you didn’t even grow up together the nerve that this sibling has goes above and beyond.  How is this sibling so entitled we’ll never know. Say hello to the new family rift.

Source: u/Commercial_Compote35 / Via

Hopefully, by the time these sibling’s kids can play together, they will have already made up but you can’t expect these two to make up like adults if one of them still acts like a kid. Fingers crossed the kids in the family are spared from such undesirable traits.


Please Pay

In every family, there is one sibling who is the technological aficionado and one who needs all the help they can get. This is the case in this family, we all have our strengths but when the tech sibling is expected to be on call 24/7 plus pay for the WiFI themselves there may be an issue, maybe even more than one. Looks like if there is no more WiFi one sibling will be more devastated than the other and it isn’t the tech one.


Source: u/OutrageousMatter / Via

Goof luck figuring out any solution without your sibling on your side because it looks like the other sibling needs all the help they can get. If we were the tech sibling you already have all the leverage you need.


Color Crayola

At this point, the other sibling decided not to engage and we don’t blame them, seems like more of a hostile exchange than necessary. Didn’t their parents ever teach them to simply say thank you for the gift and move on? It’s the thought that counts anyway. If you don’t have anything nice to say sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all.

Source: u/tipuhdiiz / Via

We are wondering if the crayons are Crayola because if they are than it doesn’t get better than that. But even if they aren’t the kid won’t know the difference, as long as they can color it seems like a good time to us. Not to mention, if they break or get lost no harm, no foul. Their parent needs to take a breather.


Are You Made of Money?

It’s always nice to check in with your siblings but if you’re doing it only when you need some money then your relationship is more toxic than most, it doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or beyond. Toxic is toxic no matter when you spell it out. Lying doesn’t help either, just be honest. If you can’t be honest with your sibling who do you really have?


Source: u/NewBloomInDecember / Via

The sibling sending money and supplies to the other is too good for this world. We aren’t sure we would be as nice or give this sibling as many options after the fact, perhaps this unhealthy cycle is a cause for both parties. Enabling your sibling’s bad behavior seems just as toxic. It takes two to tango or in this case to text.


Flying High

Spoiling your siblings from time to time is a great thing but you can’t ask for your sibling to pay for your flight without them asking. It goes against the unwritten rules of siblinghood. Paying your sibling to come see you because they’ve asked “nicely” seems like taking advantage beyond the red line. We are glad this sibling didn’t fall for the tricks of the other.

Source: u/lmmjjj / Via

There seems to be more to the flight amendment story than meets the eye. We are calling out all the suspicion and laying it on the table. There have to be more reasons for such an extension and this sibling is about to get to the bottom of it, their spidey senses are tingling.


Entertainment Made Easy

In this day in age perhaps the most sacred thing is one’s Netflix password. If you want to prevent some sibling turmoil, Netflix passwords should always stay off-limits. If you and your sibling have some kind of understanding then we may let this one slide but it seems like this text exchange tells it all and this is not the case. Sometimes all that is left to do is take things to extreme measures and change the password altogether.


Source: u/69theenvironmnet / Via

They say sharing is caring but Netflix is a red line you do not want to cross, especially without permission. You bought it you get to decide the terms. Sorry, not sorry.


The Hospital Hotel

Talk about sneaky and looking out for only yourself. This sibling not only got out of drinking his cough syrup but he also made his sibling get his stomach pumped in order to get away with not drinking it. This takes diabolical to a whole new level without even trying. If his brother remembers enough to tell this tale the whole family won’t live it down. He has the leverage of a lifetime so all well it ends swell. Well as much as it could have.

Source: midjourney illustration / Reddit

If we were them there is one place we wouldn’t want to ever go back, the hospital. Hopefully, they aren’t making any unexpected trips soon or if they are it’s only for happy reasons. Fingers crossed no one remembers them from this time.


The Probability of the Pool is Zero

Trying to make your siblings pay for your own expensive luxuries is a big no. Spoil your kids on your own dime and if you can’t afford it you should consider a different activity. These siblings stood their ground when their sibling sneakily tried to rope them into financing trips to the pool that they don’t even take. Think of it as building character. What’s fair is fair. Plus think of all the money you save, even if your relations might not be your saving grace. Summer is sure to be an interesting one.


Source: u/Craig2G / Via / davideangeliniphotos / Reshetnikov_art / acsoffice from pixabay / Canva Pro

If you’re going to splurge don’t expect your siblings to do the same and you shouldn’t give them criticism for it either. You can’t have it all and your siblings are your siblings. You’re stuck with them whether you like it or not.


It's Game Time

Do you know the expression, “Give them a finger, and they’ll take the whole hand.” It feels fitting when looking through this text exchange. Despite this brother giving his sister’s kid a PlayStation and a bunch of games, she was not happy. She tried to hit up her brother for some additional birthday presents instead of being thankful that her brother was generous enough to give his nephew anything in the first place. Missing the mark is an understatement and we hope the nephew is at least more appreciative and thankful than she is.

Source: Source: u/neverplatonic / Via

Hopefully, this nephew grows up to be a little more appreciative of what he has, more so than his mother. We hope her brother doesn’t penalize his nephew for his sister’s mistakes. Talk about rude.