Postal Worker Saves Dog’s Life After Snake Bite and Notifies Family With a Note on Doorbell Camera

By: Lauren | Last updated: Oct 20, 2023

When a postal worker in Georgia saw a dog in pain, she jumped into action and took the dog directly to the local vet. 

Making sure to leave a note with the owners through their doorbell camera, Holle Keene Prigmore truly went above and beyond to make sure this pup was okay, and the family as well as the rest of the world, is incredibly grateful. 

Holle Figured Out the Dog Had Been Bitten by a Copperhead

When Holle arrived at Kelsey and Aaron Proctor’s home on September 22, 2023, she noticed their Beagle was acting a little strange. 


Source: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

After investigating, she realized that the dog had been bit by a Copperhead snake and was in a significant amount of pain.

Holle Knew the Dog Needed to Get to the Vet

That’s when Holle decided to take it upon herself to take the suffering animal to the vet as the Proctors weren’t home. But before she did, she made sure to explain to them what was going on. 


Source: Kelsey Proctor/Facebook

She spoke to their doorbell camera and held up her phone with the note “Little beagle bit by copperhead” clearly written, before taking the dog to be assessed by a professional. 

Hollee Prigmore’s Actions Could Have Saved the Dog’s Life

Although Copperhead bites are rarely fatal for humans, they can absolutely be for dogs, and veterinarians recommend immediately bringing in any dog that has been bit for emergency care. 


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So there is no doubt that Prigmore made the right call in bringing in the little Beagle that day, as she may have even saved her life. 

Prigmore’s Actions Have Gone Viral

Just a few days after the event, the owners of the beagle, Kelsey and Aaron Proctor, wrote a Facebook post thanking who was then an anonymous postal worker and asking the internet to help them find her. 


Source: Kelsey Proctor/Facebook

Kesley Proctor wrote, “ I am looking for the name of this post office worker… This sweet woman took our girl to the vet and left us a note on her phone in our camera to see… I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

Within Just a Few Days, Holle Keene Prigmore Was Identified

Thankfully, the online community almost immediately identified the woman as Holle Keene Prigmore, a local mother and post office worker. 

Source: Hollee Prigmore/Facebook

And Holle quickly responded to the post stating, ““My absolute pleasure to help. Ginger is a doll baby.”


Most Postal Workers Wouldn’t Have Did What Holle Did

The Proctors, as well as people from around the world, were absolutely shocked by Holle’s kind and brave actions. 


Source: USPS

Most postal workers or delivery people would likely have ignored the dog and gone about their shift, but not Holle. 


For the Love of Dogs

Holle Prigmore didn’t take the dog to the vet for recognition or any sort of prize, she simply did it out of the kindness of her heart, and of course, for the love of dogs. 

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As anyone who has a furry friend at home knows, these animals are truly family, and saving the life of someone’s dog is really akin to saving one of their family members. 


Kelsey Gave the World an Update a Few Days Later

Kelsey Proctor gave an update about the Beagle, now identified as Ginger, just a few days later. 


Source: Kelsey Proctor/Facebook

She wrote, “Ginger update… She is doing well. She is in pain… We are so thankful for the outpouring love for Ginger, and her sweet friend Holle, who was there for her in her time of need.”


Ginger Is Doing Great

Ginger, the beloved family member of the Proctors, is certainly doing much better now, thanks to Holle’s quick actions. 

Source: Kelsey Proctor/Facebook

And she’s back to doing what she loves, playing with the Proctors’ adorable children and enjoying the Georgia sun. 


Ginger and Holle Are Now Internet Sensations

This story is certainly one of the most heartwarming to take over the internet in some time. 


Source: @weratedogs/TikTok

And Holle and Ginger even made it on the beloved TikTok page @weratedogs, where they took the number one spot last week for “best dog.”


Whoever Doesn’t Have a Doorbell Camera May Go Get One Right Now

While this story is generally a feel-good tale about the kindness of people, it’s also a great advertisement for getting a doorbell camera! 

Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After seeing how this one little device and the loving actions of one person literally saved the life of a dog, there’s undoubtedly several people heading out to get their hands on a doorbell camera right now.