“Non-Strict” Dad Goes Viral for His Honest Approach to Parenting Teenagers

By: Riley Brown | Published: Oct 31, 2023

Abby Moxon lovingly refers to her dad as “non-strict,” and his approach to parenting teenagers has warmed the hearts of more than 3.4 million viewers on TikTok.

Abby recorded herself asking her dad a series of hypothetical questions about parenting teens and then uploaded the video to her TikTok account. Her dad offered thoughtful, appropriate responses that some would call the “perfect” example of how to parent.

Getting Good Grades in School

Abby began her line of questioning by asking her dad’s opinions on his children getting good grades in school. “What would you do if I got a C or lower in a class?” Abby asked her dad.


Source: Bentley Writing Center

“Oh, as long as you tried your hardest, that’s fine,” he responded. His realistic expectations resonated with viewers. Abby’s dad understands the importance of encouraging good grades without enforcing perfection at all times.


Sneaking Out of the House

“What if I snuck out and went to a party and you found out the next morning?” Abby then asked her dad.


Source: The Ohana Adventure/YouTube

“We would talk about it, but it’d be fine,” the lenient patriarch responded. While some would push for more discipline in this situation, Abby’s dad is more focused on opening a healthy line of communication rather than punishing his daughter for lying.

Getting Arrested for Shoplifting and Skipping Class

Abby’s dad continued to have minimal reactions to her hypothetical scenarios. When Abby asked her dad what he would do if she got arrested for shoplifting, he’d tell her what she did was stupid.


Source: kenzieraesch/TikTok

Abby then quizzed her dad on what would happen if her school principal called him to report that she was caught skipping class. His response? Simply put, “school isn’t that important.”

People Praised Abby’s Dad for His Wholesome Responses

The comment section of Abby’s TikTok video was full of users praising her dad for his “non-strict” parenting style.


Source: abby.spamm84/TikTok

“His genuine confusion on why some of these were even questions warmed my heart,” said one commenter while another said, “This dad is awesome. Some of us dads can learn from his answers.” One person even told Abby, “I hope you know how blessed you are” to have such an amazing father.