Mother Takes Daughter to Six Flags and Gets Kicked Out for ‘Short Shorts’

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Nov 01, 2023

As warmer weather arrives in the US, many families use it as an excuse to start flocking to theme parks dotted across the nation.

Mothers who wish to enjoy a day out with their children opt for theme parks, which are generally associated with fun and safety. However, for one family an exciting trip to a Six Flags park quickly became a nightmare. 

Fun in the Oklahoma Sun

Oklahoma City has plenty of tourist attractions for families during summer. As the winter months begin to leave, families take advantage of all the city and its surrounding area has to offer. 


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Some prefer the zoo, others opt for a picnic, and if a family is feeling extra adventurous, they might take off for the day and hit Six Flags Frontier City in the heart of the city. 


Mother Decides to Treat Her Child

Baily Breedlove was one of many mothers who decided to take her children out for a day and enjoy all the theme park had to offer. 


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However, what was supposed to be a day of family fun and excitement would soon take a turn for the worse. 

Park Police Begin Harassing The Child

Breedlove’s daughter was full of excitement as they began traversing the park. She eventually came to a hill and decided to roll down it—this is where the trouble started. 


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As she began to roll down the hill, one of the site’s security guards ran over to the child and reprimanded her for playing on the grass. 

Not Regulation Length for Admittance

As Bailey ran over to stand up for her daughter, she was met with instant backlash from the security guard, who began questioning her outfit. 


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The guard began harassing Breedlove about her shorts. According to him, they were way too short to wear at the amusement park. As an argument ensued, one bystander began filming the incident on their phone. 

Laying Down the Law

The security guard continued to harass the mother about her shorts. Following this, the guard, seen wearing a police shirt and wielding handcuffs, demanded to see Bailey’s ID. 

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According to the security guard, he wanted to issue a criminal trespass to Breedlove, saying she would be banned from returning to the park. 


Guards Continue to Berate the Mother

By now, various security guards can be heard on the camera. One says, “Once we ask for ID, you have to identify yourself.”


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Breedlove goes on to say, “You guys, I was leaving.” However, the female security guard demanded that she provide ID before she left. Breedlove’s daughter was seen crying in the corner of the video while all this was happening. 


Bailey's Daughter Looks on in Tears

“Look at this. Look at what you’re doing to my daughter,” Breedlove said as she tried to understand why the security guards were so aggressive toward her, simply because of her shorts. 

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Her daughter looked on in tears as she feared her mother was about to get arrested by the swarm of security guards surrounding them.


Getting Escorted Off the Premises

After the lengthy back and forth, the security guards and the manager escorted the family out of the park.


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“What’s sad is [my daughter] thought it was her fault,” Breedlove said of the traumatic event. “My daughter was crying, thinking I was about to get arrested because this lady pulled out handcuffs right in front of her,” she continued.


Undeterred by the Security’s Harassment

Speaking after the incident, Bailey – who says she’s autistic – claims she was body shamed and threatened by both the park manager and several security guards.

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However, the strong-willed mother claims she isn’t deterred by the harassment she received. “I will wear these shorts anywhere because I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with them,” she said.


A Five-Year Ban From All Six Flags Parks

Breedlove would later reveal that she was issued with a ban of five years from all Six Flags theme parks throughout the nation.


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Since the event, she has spoke with the Oklahoma City police department and an attorney over her treatment by the guards at Six Flags. She claims the park’s “policies are vague and confusing, and the way you body shame and discriminate is unlawful.”


Six Flags Gives Its Take on the Mishap

Six Flags eventually addressed the event, claiming that Breedlove was removed because of her behavior, not because of the length of her shorts.

Source: SixFlagWiki

A Six Flags spokesperson offered that “The guest was initially stopped because her shorts exposed a significant portion of her buttocks. She was given multiple opportunities to change or cover up, but refused.