Man Goes Blind While Attempting to Beat a Guinness World Record

By: Mark Smith | Last updated: Oct 20, 2023

In Nigeria, there’s a rising trend of attempting several challenges to break the Guinness World Records. One man tried to cry continuously for seven days and even experienced temporary blindness.

This surge in record-breaking attempts was sparked by a chef’s four-day cooking marathon, which became national and international news. Tembu Ebere, who attempted to weep for a whole week, experienced headaches, puffy eyes, and a swollen face. Nevertheless, he remained determined to reach his goal.

It All Started With a Dish

The record-breaking attempt spree in Nigeria started when a chef named Hilda Baci cooked non-stop for 100 hours to put Nigerian cuisine on the map.


Source: NgNews247/ Pinterest

Fans so closely followed Hilda’s cooking marathon that the official website of Guinness World Records crashed for two days. Her success inspired numerous others to try similar feats, such as singing, praying, and even kissing for extended periods.


And a Few Were Chosen

However, not all record attempts were met with approval. Some faced criticism for being considered pointless or inappropriate. For instance, a proposed kissing event was banned in one area due to concerns about its moral and cultural implications. Another person attempting to set a massage endurance record collapsed after 50 hours.


Source: Guinness World Records/ Pinterest

The Guinness World Records team has reminded participants to adhere to their guidelines for official recognition. The organization clarified its support for applicants from all over the world, including Nigeria.

Defying The Odds

The record frenzy in Nigeria reflects a spirit of competitiveness and a desire to showcase the country’s talents and culture on a global stage. It also indicates a growing interest in unusual and unique achievements. From cooking marathons to endurance singing sessions, Nigerians push their limits to demonstrate their abilities.


Source: TikTok

However, such extreme feats can come with risks. Tembu Ebere’s experience of temporary blindness during his crying attempt highlights the importance of caution and medical supervision in these endeavors.

Breaking Records is Extraordinary

Hilda Baci’s successful cooking marathon not only broke a record but also put Nigerian cuisine in the spotlight, attracting national and even international attention. John Obot’s plan to read classic literature for 140 hours aims to promote reading culture in Nigeria, which can significantly impact education and literacy.


Source: Anna Tarazevich/ Pexels

Ultimately, the record-breaking trend in Nigeria is a clear example of human determination, innovation, and creativity. With proper guidance, safety measures, and meaningful objectives, these endeavors can continue to inspire and entertain, making Nigeria a recognized hub of extraordinary accomplishments on the global stage.