Hilarious Images That Showcase The Struggles of Parenting

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Jun 14, 2022

Parenting, like all things, has its ups and downs. The ups are the cute little things kids say and do as they grow up. The downs include all the screaming, fighting, crying, and messy behavior that goes along with raising kids.

That’s why it’s important for parents to develop thick skin and an ability to enjoy precious moments even if they’re tinged with a bit of annoyance. Parenting would be less rewarding if there weren’t any struggles. Those struggles can mean a foot to the face or vomit to the hair. In celebration of parenting, let’s take a look at some hilarious pictures that capture it perfectly. 

Goodbye Privacy

Being a parent is all about saying goodbye to moments of privacy and silence because kids (especially young ones) are a 24/7 deal. Also, they haven’t mastered social courtesies like not opening the door when you’re in the bathroom. 



We blame it partly on the parent who forgot the cardinal room of raising kids: shut the bathroom door if you want a moment of silence. It won’t always work (they can knock or cry), but it might prevent little peekaboo moments like the one above. 


Boiling an Egg … in the Microwave 

Many adults don’t even know how to cook beyond peanut butter sandwiches and cereal, so it’s important to cut kids some slack when they’re just starting out. The young girl below decided she wanted a boiled egg on toast … so she opened the microwave. 



As you can see, it didn’t work out too well. Before mom could provide some much-needed oversight – in particular, the hint to boil eggs on the stove – she heard a loud POW. Then, she came to the kitchen to find this lovely mess.

Paint Party

Kids have their own unique view of hygiene. Adults generally enjoy staying clean. However, kids absolutely hate it. So, when a “paint party” (terrible idea) was thrown at a daycare, guess what happened? 



The paint didn’t stay on the paper. Instead, it drifted off to coat the feet, hands, and faces of every kid involved. Although they look comfortable with the new look, their concerned parents thought otherwise. Time for a bath – and to find a new daycare! 

Parenthood in One Picture

Before you have kids, you might enjoy quiet moments watching TV and eating takeaway Chinese food with your partner. After you have kids, however, everything changes. Sure, there’s still a TV and a couch, but that’s about the only thing that’s the same. 



This picture perfectly captures the daily struggles of parenting, especially parenting three kids. The daughter is quietly enjoying a meal as the two brothers yell and fight in the corner (most likely over something ridiculous). Ah, parenthood. 

That Makes Sense 

Kids live in their own little worlds full of their own little (and quite hard to understand) systems of logic. This form of reasoning often seems totally insane to calm adults. For example, the picture below. 


In Andrew’s mind, licking the whole entire shopping cart makes absolute sense. When mom thought that was a bad idea (kudos to mom), Andrew didn’t take it too well. Instead, he welled up with tears, threw his head back, and let out a series of loud screams. 


Smart Move 

If you have little ones at home, then you know about the central challenge of the living room: keeping the remotes in one place! Kids love to pick them up, place them in odd spots, and then either forget about them or refuse to tell. 



This crafty parent decided to sidestep that trap by firmly securing the four remotes to one plank of wood. Now if the young ones want to take a remote, they’ll have to take the entire set – which is much easier to find.


New Shampoo

Kids love eating, even if they haven’t mastered the art of keeping it all down. You’ll get what we mean by taking a quick sneak peek at the lovely beige picture below. 


It seems like mom (at least we hope it’s mom) fed the little one a little too much before she placed him up on her shoulders. Sure, things were going well for a while as the happy boy looked around. Then, unfortunately, the food came out – all over mom’s hair. Yuck!


A Morning Pony

It’s fair to say that kids haven’t mastered the art of thinking things through. They tend to get an idea and immediately act upon it. That can mean boiling an egg in the microwave or coating your entire body in paint.



It can also mean waking up your parents with a pony. Just where he got the pony, we aren’t sure – but we sure hope it’s theirs. Regardless, waking up to a pony staring at you in a small room is a bit jarring.


No More Football Tickets

Shredders are useful little devices that allow you to thoroughly destroy sensitive documents. However, they can also be fun to use for less sensitive documents – from junk mail to old homework to unimportant bills. 

That being said, one kind of paper that should never be put through the shredder is money. The couple above learned that the hard (and very expensive) way by coming home to find $1,060 shredded into little bits. Ouch! Time to say goodbye to the football game and hello to a grounding. 


When You Really Need Corn Oil

As we saw from Andrew breaking down after not being allowed to lick an entire shopping cart, kids have their own unique form of reasoning that often doesn’t make sense to adults. As an example, take a look at the picture below. 



For some unknown reason, this little girl really wanted a bottle of corn oil. When her mom said no, she hugged it tighter and then broke out in tears. What she was planning on doing with corn oil is still unknown.