Hilarious and Unexpected Animal Disruptions at Sporting Events

By: Mark Smith | Published: Oct 08, 2023

The fun and erupting emotions we get when animals invade sporting events make for an unforgettable experience. A rally cat running around a football pitch is a delight to watch. However, things can get a bit dangerous when you have bees swarming down players and fans.

These events often go viral, breaking us into a good laugh session. With that in mind, here are all the times animals wanted a taste of our sports.

Don’t Start That Match Without Me

Liverpool and Manchester United had to hold their peace until a black cat gave its blessings to the match. This incident occurred at Anfield in a Premier League clash between the two giants on February 10, 2017.


Source: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The happy cat found its way to the pitch, much to the surprise of the players and coaches. However, it quickly disappeared under the floodlights before the game kicked off.


Alligator Gets Fresh Air at the Golf Course

The Arnold Palmer Invitational had an unusual visitor during the event. Lying confidently on the 6th hole at Bay Hill was an alligator. It wasn’t there to play golf, but who said it couldn’t enjoy the spectacle?


Source: news.sky.com

Cody Gribble courageously asked the alligator to give the golfers more hours. Of course, a gentle tug at its tail did the trick as the alligator crawled back into the water.

Alligator Takes Cody for a Swim

Cody Gribble’s encounter shows one side of an alligator invasion on a sports pitch. Tony Aarts wasn’t that lucky during his walk to the fourth green at Magnolia Landing Golf & Country Club. A 10-foot alligator emerged and snarked at his ankle.


Source: FoxSports / News

Fortunately, the Florida golfer’s Cleveland putter saved the day. It took continuous pounding before the alligator allowed the golfer back on land.

Dog Gets on the Pitch for a Match

Despite spirited efforts from police officers, a dog stayed on the football pitch for three minutes, determined to play. This incident occurred in Gori, Georgia, during a National Football League match in 2018.


Source: metro.co.uk

The dog got the crowd laughing and cheering until the players decided they had enough. They gently directed him off the pitch to continue the match, much to the dog’s disappointment.

Cows Can Play Too: Try Me

The North Bucks Division amateur football match had an extra teammate, but this one was on four legs. A cow found its way to the playground in November 2011, much to the astonishment of everyone. Nonetheless, the referee quickly gave the cow marching orders.

Source: Youtube / b/60

The players ushered the cow off the pitch to wait its turn. According to Adam Johnson, that was the first time something like that happened in Potterspury.


It's the Season of the Bees

The unwanted visitors weren’t pleased with the ongoing match in Tanzania during the Azam Cup. These insects may love their honey but they were anything but sweet during this match. Players dashed to the ground, while some fans left the stadium to avoid the painful sting of bees.


Source: The Chronicle

Soon, the Young Africans resumed play against Iringa United. The game ended at 4:0 in favor of the Young Africans.


Rabbit Takes on the Grand Prix

“You guys are no match for my speed.” That must have been the thought of the wild rabbit as it ran on the track of the Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello circuit. The incident occurred during a qualifying session as the drivers warmed up for the main event.

Source: KidsNews / www.kidsnews.com.au

Seeing the rabbit take on the powerful Formula One car would have been a spectacle. However, it left the tracks before our imaginations came to bear.


Cat Faces Bull in the Ring

You’d agree with us that it takes courage to face the bull in a bullfight. A cat made the efforts of the matadors at the La Santa Maria bullring in Bogota, Colombia, look small. It braved the bullring, sprinting across it as the crowd and matadors paused to see its next move.


Source: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUT / Texas Standard

The incident occurred on January 28, 2018. Unfortunately, the cat didn’t stay long enough to take on the bull. Bonus point if you can spot this adventurous kitty.


Monkey Takes on a Batsman and a Bowler

Who would’ve thought monkeys were great at cricket? The imagination would live on in our hearts, but one monkey came close to actualizing it. The animal invaded the pitch, surprising Sri Lanka’s batsman, Jehan Mubarak.

Source: Sports Keeda

The bowler during the incident was India’s Rohit Sharma. This interruption occurred in Sri Lanka in 2015 as both countries faced each other on the cricket pitch.


A Cat Attempts the Hurdles

That must have been the cat’s thought as it ignored the hurdles during an Athletics Women’s 100 hurdles qualification. The cat ran through each hurdle as it gauged the tracks with its speed. Obviously, it didn’t wait long enough to face the race with the athletes.


Source: CN News

This animal interruption occurred during the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. That was on the seventh day, August 25, 2018.


Nacho Calero Narrowly Misses Two Birds on Track

The day didn’t go as planned for Nacho Calero, as two birds decided to stroll on the track. While the humor stays, the close encounter could’ve been worse, considering the bike’s speed. Fortunately, it was a practice session to warm up for the 2018 Superbikes at Phillip Grand Prix Circuit in Phillip Island.

Source: motorcycledaily.com

The image that circulated after the incident did not show much concern from the birds. They probably took their time crossing the tracks.


Tiger Woods Stands Still as A Deer Sprints Past

The deer must’ve thought, “It is such a wonderful day to show these people my sprinting skills.” Wildlife met the golfers, Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, and Caddies, during a practice round. The practice round was in preparation for the 2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links.


Source: USA TODAY Sports

One couldn’t help but admire the deer’s strides across the fourth green. June 10, 2019, will surely keep that in mind.


It’s Press Time as a Cat Sits In with the Press

It looks like a cat wasn’t satisfied with the press during the 17th IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha. It sat with a press member, providing priceless counsel at the event in Qatar. The incident occurred on October 5, 2019.

Source: Evening Standard / wirestock

The press member was all smiles as he reached out to pet the cat. Meanwhile, the invader had its eyes fixed on the event.


Sheep Get a Taste of Tour de France

Many riders at the Tour de France in the Pyrenees mountains were forced to hit the brakes when a flock of sheep interrupted their climb. Television footage revealed the hesitant sheep setting off across the road, probably in a bid to outride the athletes.


Source: smithsonian magazine

Fortunately, no rider was injured in the incident. The heavy fog and rain during the climb are no joke.


FC Thun’s Goalkeeper Did Not Appreciate the Interruption

The Swiss Super League soccer match between FZ Zurich and FZ Thun received an unusual visitor on the pitch. A marten ran around the pitch before getting an angry reaction from Faivre, FC Thun’s goalkeeper. The player did not like the interruption during the match and quickly showed the marten the way off the pitch.

Source: REUTERS/Pascal Lauener

This incident had mixed reactions, as some giggled at the humor. Others would instead continue the match uninterrupted.


A Black Cat Goes for the Ball

A black dog jumped on the pitch, ready to test its goal-keeping skills. The animal interrupted the CONCACAF Champions League soccer match between Toronto FC and Santos Laguna in Toronto.


Source: Philadelphia Union / Twitter (X)

Video footage shows the cat sprinting towards the goalkeeper, Freddy Hall.


Two Rooks Nearly Interrupted the British Open

We can imagine the reaction on the golfer’s face as two Rooks walk past the golf ball. One touch and the hit would’ve most likely been canceled.

Source: www.3aw.com.au

Luckily, the Rooks walk past the ball, leaving the British Open golf championship in Scotland uninterrupted.


Swans take a Walk During the

Sweden’s Joel Sjoholm was forced to pause during the final of the International Golf Open. This happened as a family of swans took a walk across the course, probably because of the beautiful weather.


Source: Fran Caffrey / www.golffile.ie

Images reveal the golfer maintaining a steady pace as the swans walk past.


A Bird Tests the Court at Melbourne Park, Australia

The Australian Open tennis tournament had an external tester test its courts for quality. A bird landed on the court, driving the game to a pause.


The incident did not last long, as the bird flew away shortly after interrupting Serbia’s Troicki’s first-round match.


A Bear Wants In on the American Legion Baseball Game

Players weren’t particularly thrilled when a bear joined them on the baseball pitch. The incident occurred during the June 14 American Legion game in Alaska.


Source: www.mlb.com

People weren’t surprised, as they are used to bears in the environment. Still, it was a scary encounter.


A Seagull Shows Steve Lowery How It's Done

We know how invasive seagulls can be, taking what they want when they want. A day out on the beach with potato chips might not go well in their presence. That aside, the seagull was pictured grabbing Lowery’s ball in the iconic incident from 1998.

Source: PSA tour / Youtube

The interruption occurred during the 1998 Players Championship. The animal made several failed attempts before grabbing the ball and flying away.


Kangaroo Races in Australia

While engines rowed on the tracks, a kangaroo joined the race to test its speed. Although dangerous, the interruption left the drivers stunned.


Source: www.ndtv.com

The Australian Auto Race would keep that day in memory. Despite spirited efforts from the drivers, they still had brush-offs with the animal.


A Bird Delays the British Open

This awkward interruption could’ve gone much better if the bird had flown away immediately. Instead, it looked like the bird had forgotten how to fly as it got comfortable, delaying Rory McIlroy’s putt in the British Open.

Source: SBNation.com

This isn’t the first time birds have interrupted tennis games. Something tells us more will come.


A Pigeon Visits Wimbledon

Roberto Bautista Agut was forced to pause mid-serve when a pigeon dive-bombed him. This happened during a crucial match against Andy Murray.


Source: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Pigeons have posed problems at Wimbledon. However, the groundskeepers have taken adequate measures against them.


Angry Cat Invades the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Game

The cat was friendly when she ran into the field in July 2010. However, it soon turned hostile, arching its back to show its anger.

Source: USA Today

Players backed off her. However, a courageous groundskeeper ended her stay on the field.


Fox Learns the Hard Way in a Football Game

Dogs often generate a friendly reaction from players and fans when they interrupt matches. However, this fox couldn’t get people to pay attention to it during the TCU vs. Texas Tech football match in 2013.


Source: The18

The animal watched on the sidelines as the game went on. People expected it to go away soon enough.


Squirrel Steals the Show at BallPark

The Philadelphia Phillies-Colorado Rockies game may have been ongoing, but a squirrel stole the show. Despite not interrupting the game, its strides on the field drew attention.

Source: rock967online

We didn’t exactly get whose side the squirrel was on. Nevertheless, it added to the spectacle.


Jackrabbit Defies Gravity on the Field

Edmonton Eskimos visited the Calgary Stampeders for some typical feel-good Canadian Football action but they received an unwarranted surprise high-flying fan, a flying rabbit. While the players exited the field, the rabbit took the opportunity to give other fans a spectacle.


Source: Extra Mustard

This energetic rabbit sprinted across the field, avoiding players as it went full speed. The hot dash ended with a jump that seemed to defy gravity. At least it didn’t dig down the pitch.


Llamas at the Col du Tourmalet

Llamas seized an opportunity to warm themselves at the Col du Tourmalet. However, this interruption could’ve caused significant danger to the Tour de France.

Source: Col du Tourmalet / Bored Panda

Luckily, officials removed them in time to save the event. Nobody got hurt.


Taima, The Augur Hawk, Adds to the Thrill of Primetime Thursday Night Football Game

While the Seattle Seahawks and the L.A. Rams battled it out on the field, the Augur Hawk was preparing a surprise. She perched on top of a fan, drawing the crowd’s attention.


Source: Youtube / Geekwire

That wasn’t her routine flight path. Nonetheless, she proved her prowess to capture attention.