‘Hidden’ Monopoly Rule Leaves Players Outraged by Completely Changing the Game

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

The classic board game Monopoly has been a household favorite for generations. But recent discussions suggest that many might be unaware of a pivotal rule, which could significantly alter the game dynamics.

The understanding (or rather, the misunderstanding) of this rule might be the reason behind the game’s infamous lengthy sessions.

The Rule Revealed

It’s widely assumed that players must purchase every property they land on. However, if a player chooses not to make the immediate purchase, the game’s official rules dictate that the property should be put up for auction.


Source: Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

Interestingly, the player who initially declined the purchase is still eligible to participate in this auction, potentially securing the property at a lower price.

Reddit Revelations

This rule revelation emerged on the CasualUK subreddit, where user Gumbledorus prompted fellow Monopoly players to “cause chaos by invoking this completely standard rule.” This revelation took many by surprise.


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For instance, user Global_Monk_5778 confessed, “I’ve never read the rule book because I was taught to play by my parents and foolishly assumed they were teaching me how to play properly.” Similarly, billyboyf30 revealed “never knew this rule until playing on an iPad the other day, even then I thought it was made up just to make the game quicker.”

Speeding Up the Monopoly Marathon

Advocates of the auction rule, such as user daedelion, assert that “if you follow the rules properly and auction properties, then they get bought up faster. Then there’s more chance of players having to pay rent, and therefore go bankrupt faster.”


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This would counter the common criticism of Monopoly being a prolonged game. Another user, prustage, testified that incorporating this rule revitalized their gaming experience, making it both quicker and more thrilling, adding “The game moves more quickly, is more exciting and the difference between weak and strong players is reduced. Always use this rule.”

The Great Monopoly Debate

However, not everyone is on board with this newfound approach. Some players, like Shetland99, declared “Having since played using the ‘proper’ rules I’ve decided the auction rule makes games worse, so ignorance was bliss after all.”


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“Do you hate your family that much? No one evokes that rule, it’s like the deep magic,” says user mycatiscalledFrodo. The debate also expanded beyond this particular rule, with some questioning Monopoly’s overall appeal and recommending alternative board games.