‘He’s So Sad’ – a Parrot’s Reaction to His Dying Owner Goes Viral

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Sep 27, 2023

What animal would you consider a lifelong companion? You might think the answer would be dogs or cats. While you aren’t wrong, have you considered the possibility that parrots could also fit the profile just right?

If you’ve ever doubted a parrot’s ability to provide the friendship, support, love, and care required of a forever partner, this story of a grieving parrot and his dying owner will erase your doubts.

A Dying Woman and Her Feathery Companion

In a viral video that first rocked the internet in 2017, a woman and her pet parrot can be seen saying their goodbyes as she took her last breaths. The parrot is an African Grey Parrot named Sinbad who was her companion for 25 years.


Source: Africangreyparrot/Instagram

The video, which was filmed by the woman’s daughter, brought tears to the eyes of many viewers.


A Very Emotional Moment

It’s common for parrots to gently bite their owner’s fingers once in a while and be talkative. But in this video, Sinbad wasn’t doing any of that. Instead, he sat silently on her arm, grieving her last moments on Earth.


Source: Terry Culver/YouTube

The woman was too weak to move and stared into thin air. Meanwhile, Sinbad looked as though he understood exactly what was going on.

Sinbad is “So Sad”

As Sinbad stayed by her side, the woman’s daughter asked him if he was going to be okay and then told her mother, “he’s so sad.” “He’s right there at your chest, he’s walking up now…you gonna say hi to him?” she asked.


Source: Terry Culver/YouTube

The woman looked at him and as audibly as she could, said, “I love you.” Sinbad nodded and placed his foot on her chest in response.

African Grey Parrots Are Wonderful Creatures

For anyone who knows a thing or two about African Grey Parrots, Sinbad’s ability to connect emotionally with his owner isn’t surprising.


Source: Reddit

The African Grey Parrot holds the number one spot on the list of smartest parrots in the world. Besides their ability to mimic human speech, this parrot species is also known to be very emphatic. Don’t you just love them?