Guaranteed To Make You Laugh: Funny and Creative Christmas Cards

By: Lilli Keeve | Published: Aug 30, 2023

Ah, Christmas! We all know the special holiday feeling in the air that can’t quite be explained. Gifts are being bought, memories are being shared…and so are Christmas cards. While the holidays aren’t necessarily a joyous time for everybody, surely funny cards can turn someone’s frown upside down.

No matter what is going on in your life, we’re here to provide you with some holiday cheer and laughs. Who knows – these might even inspire you to create your own hilarious Christmas cards!

Last Year, My Brother's Family Christmas Pic Was A Big Hit

We’re all aware of sibling rivalry and siblings getting jealous of each other. It’s a real thing. So what makes this photo so cute and comical is not only is the little sister wearing a “Santa’s Little Helper” shirt, but also that her baby brother is in a nicely wrapped box labeled “Return to Santa.” Well, Santa’s little helper sure is devious.


Source: adeannephoto/ Instagram

The parents clearly made their daughter’s naughty list, because she clearly didn’t want any more of their antics for once!


He Lost An Arm. She Had A Double Mastectomy. This Is Their Christmas Card

Are we the only ones who thought his left arm was reaching into her bag? Wait, that’s not his arm, that’s a bright red bra. Whoops, we guess they should have chosen a different color for the composition because our eyes were definitely fooling us! 


Source: u/mikelem/ Reddit

Despite how odd this card is, we think there could be a full-fledged story behind this image. After all, the greatest stories come from the unlikeliest of scenarios.

Me And My Cat’s Christmas Card Was Deemed “Sacrilegious” By A Few People

Meow-rry Christmas! Wait, there’s a possibility that Jesus could have been a cat? Because to be fair, nowhere does it say that he wasn’t. The first thing we can think of was how bad we feel for the cat since the little guy looks so confused as to what is happening. Yes, this is somewhat “sacrilegious” but it’s also just a hilarious Christmas card. Come on, people, lighten up!


Source: u/tamagothecat/ Reddit

We’d understand if maybe this photo could be an issue if it was given in some other context, but it was made purely for laughs. Jeez, people take things so seriously these days.

My Friend’s Child During A Christmas Card Photo Shoot

It’s safe to say that any image with a child or a baby is automatically funny in some way. They’re just super goofy and unaware of themselves, which is why this Christmas card photo is extra adorable.


Source: u/wankershim4ever/ Reddit

This face-planted child made us laugh out loud, but also poor thing! They probably were so excited that they accidentally tripped and landed on their face. There’s something about little humans falling over that is just very funny – sorry, it’s true.

My Christmas Card This Year. I’ve Been Single My Whole Life

Whoa, she really convinced us that she was in a relationship for a second! That’s the crazy thing about how photos can be altered to trick us and also to think that this woman was actually with her significant other in the picture.

Source: u/kelsb/ Reddit

She doesn’t seem too down though…and hey, maybe she is actually happy to be living that single life. Her house looks pretty nice, too. 


Making My Own Christmas Cards This Year. Nailed It

Despite the uneasy and nervous laughter it gave us, this one is really creepy. We’ll give the guy some points for creativity, but that stache is not doing it for us. Also, the font is kind of hard to read (ok, we’re not that old)! 


Source: u/pootyparty/ Reddit

The comment sections are almost as good as the card itself. If you are curious, we’d suggest taking a gander at what other Redditors are saying about this fellow’s Christmas card. Might we have added not to put “Nailed It” at the end, though?


Gloriously Retro Family Portrait

The cat in the turtleneck is giving us serious 1970s vibes. Seriously though, that cat needs to have its own Instagram account. Also, we would like an invite to this glorious retro family, please. 

Source: Reddit

I mean, isn’t that one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen? Actually, the only thing missing is the cat needs glasses and a glass of red wine.


We Have A Tradition Of Doing “Different” Christmas Cards

Norwegians do, in fact, do things differently, and we admire all of the effort that was put into this card! Also, move over Blue Man Group…these Green Man Group guys are the new rage – at least, they should be.


Source: u/TheTigon/ Reddit

We’ll admit, too, that we did a double take on one of the guys who resemble Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Is that his Norwegian cousin? Anything is possible, but maybe that Norwegian cousin theory went too far.


This Year, I Began Living Alone For The First Time. This Is My Christmas Card

Being alone can be…well…lonely. For somebody who spends the holiday season by themselves, it can be quite sad if they’re missing family and only have their pet to keep them company (or, sometimes, not even a pet). In this person’s case, her cat is her only companion for Christmas.

Source: u/malsies/ Reddit

While this is pure gold, it would have been truly better if she had photoshopped her face onto her cat’s face. in that case, we really wouldn’t have been able to tell who was who except for the whole cats have fur thing.


Christmas Card Of A Single Woman

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, so we understand why Americans are obsessed with the greasy, warm, doughy cheesiness. Sarah clearly loved pizza and it’s why she made an entire Christmas card dedicated to their relationship.   


Source: u/myredditfakename5/ Reddit

The pizza slice ultrasound is what also makes this card even more hilarious. She’s expecting…a pizza baby. Congratulations, Sarah! We wish you the best of luck in parenting a baby pizza. Well, it’s actually a pillow, but you get where we’re going.


Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman

Have no fear…this Christmas card has everything you need to make you smile and laugh! How sweet that the USPS mailman cares that much about this grandma and getting the packages to her safely, regardless of the snowy weather.

Source: u/moneyballbingo/ Reddit

The bigger question is: why don’t all mailmen look like this guy? He’s like Superman, but more like SuperMailMan!


Clever Christmas Card

This Christmas card is the epitome of the technology addiction present in the 21st century. Nobody is even looking at the camera, just at their phones. And the texting shorthand on the card is strong. Mrry Chrstmas & hppy new yr, ppl!


Source: u/newborn/ Reddit

Clever, indeed. We’re wondering though what it said under that blacked-out box. We have an idea…and it’s definitely not something Christmas-appropriate, obviously! Is that Steve Carrell in the background though? The resemblance is uncanny.


Wife Called To Let Me Know That She Took The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

One of the things that stands out the most is the three glaringly different facial expressions from each of the kids. The baby is plain shocked, one kid is clearly unhappy, and the other is just along for the ride and thrilled to have met Santa! Oh, yeah. Santa. That guy’s always jovial, especially after he’s gotten his cookies and milk.

Source: u/kielby/ Reddit

We can only picture the parents taking this photo and cracking up at the hilarity that ensued. Kids are funny, man. Santa can be funny, too.


Took My Christmas Card Pic

Silent night, holy night. Hurry, honey – tie the kids up with some string lights, quick! Parenting is a very joyful experience in life, but it can also be extremely stressful and irritating. All you want is a quiet night with your partner and the kids are running around, causing trouble. What’s the solution?


Source: u/judokitten/ Reddit

AH! This card says it all. Silent night…we get it. Needless to say, these parents had the right idea. Of course, they just did this for laughs. We just hope people don’t report them to Child Protective Services.


My Mormon Co-Worker Finds It Funny When People Ask If He Has Multiple Wives

Mormons are often the butt of many jokes, mostly offensive ones. This person took a common misconception about Mormons and fully committed to it. The co-worker doesn’t even have multiple wives, so it’s truly hilarious that he wanted to mess with people by putting out this Christmas card.

Source: u/CaptainOutstanding/ Reddit

Ruffling people’s feathers always means you’ll get a good laugh. Well, at times. In this card, the “wives” look more like models and one of them looks way too old. Also, the amount of ankle-showing in this photo isn’t even accurate for real Mormon women.


I Convinced My Girlfriend To Put Her Photoshop Skills To Work For Our Christmas Card

Imagine that your dog and cat were the owners and the humans were the pets? How bizarre to have that idea in our minds! Joe, Mira, Buddy, and Gimli look like a very happy family, indeed. Let’s talk about those terrier-fying legs, though. Hah!


Source: u/Hardcore_Hank/ Reddit

For the purposes of hilarious Christmas cards, this one does the trick. Make sure to also notice that the humans and the pets are wearing the same outfits! Wow, it’s mind-blowing how creative and passionate these people get about a simple Christmas card. 


Roommates And I Took In A New Housemate

Upon first glance, it seems like we’re looking at a normal image of housemates smiling for the Christmas card to send out to their families. Upon further inspection, there’s something that you may not catch the first time. We’ll wait for you to find it…

Source: u/lucyliko25/ Reddit

Great! So, you noticed the furry friend that’s blending in – and it’s wearing a matching sweater. He or she is not psyched about being forced to pose for a picture, but the result is pure comedy gold. Cats truly make life better.


Our Daughter Loves To Have A Creative Photo Each Year

Ah, here we have yet another image about parents needing space from their children! Taping your kids to the wall is obviously very, very wrong, but for the purposes of this image, it’s quite genius. Many parents who see this image are probably asking these people for tips on how they can do the same with their children. Kidding!


Source: Farrell Photography

For real though, please reveal the special secret of how this was done. We’re only asking because you may be saving parents’ lives all over America. 


GOT Christmas Card

Winter is coming. Just kidding…actually, it’s already here! For fans of the massive television hit Game of Thrones, this photo will immediately make sense. It’s pretty cool to see so much effort put into a Christmas card, and this family surely executed it well.

Source: u/poptartarus/ Reddit

Upon closer inspection, is the little girl holding a dagger? That would make the image even more realistic considering the family, even the labrador, is playing their respective parts perfectly. 


I Got A Little Carried Away With This Year’s Christmas Card

We’re asking the serious questions here: Can Peanut save Christmas? Why is this Christmas poster so cute and funny? We really hope that Peanut and his owners found Rudolph, the missing member of their family. Furthermore, it looks like they’re actually riding Peanut which lends itself to their impressive Photoshop skills.


Source: u/picturethisyall/ Reddit

If you look closely at the credits at the bottom of the poster, you’ll find that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Santa are also the stars of the movie. It was also directed by Sweet Baby Jesus and based on characters created by Folklore. This is the best movie poster we’ve ever laid our eyes on.


My Cousins Made A Pretty Great Christmas Card This Year

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! Macaulay Culkin was America’s favorite child star of the 1990s. Everyone knows him as Kevin McCallister in the cult classic comedy Home Alone. This family had a really good idea for their Christmas card that others will surely replicate for future Christmases to come. 

Source: FioTheGreat/

The Smiths hit the jackpot with this card and the little kid is absolutely adorable! Not only did the parents nail the reactions and looks of the two crooks, but that boy is giving off serious Kevin vibes! Bravo.


Relationship Status: Emily

Excited. Engaged. Expecting. Emily. Wait, what? Poor Emily. She’s the single outcast of her family’s Christmas card. Not that there’s anything wrong with being single, or being Emily, but this made us laugh hard.


Source: cantseawright/ Twitter

This is an interesting Christmas card to send out and we applaud the creative idea behind it!  We do hope Emily is happy, however. Maybe things have changed for her recently.


I Work In Waste Water Treatment

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you will get this reference right away. And, if you haven’t, we’re sorry, but we can’t explain it to you. Hey, that’s what Google is for!

Source: u/mags387/ Reddit

The irony of this photo is what makes it so hilarious. He works in wastewater management, yet what he’s doing is actually wasting water. We love some good irony. Side note: doesn’t he look like the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson? We see it…kinda.


This Years Christmas Card With The Roommates Turned Out Better Than The Expected

You will most likely understand this reference if you grew up in the ‘90s. Otherwise, you’ll probably be scratching your head. We’re looking at you, Gen-Z. If you didn’t get the reference then it’s okay, we will give you a pass this time.


Source: u/desperato/ Reddit

This is a pretty faithful replica of the famous Death Row Records photo of Snoop, Dre, Suge Knight, and Tupac. Also, major points to these roommates for putting their pup in Snoop Dogg’s place.


I Present To You My Vote For Best Christmas Card Of 2011

Giant cats haven’t taken over the world…yet. Clearly, the Gilliam family is dealing with a huge kitty – ahem, BIG Samson – chasing them. Maybe he’s mad that they paid more attention to the family’s dog? Samson wants his revenge.

Source: u/wgpubs/ Reddit

The dog could care less about being chased by an abnormally large cat. He’s just stone-cold chilling while the rest of the family is freaking out. We’re very impressed with these Photoshop talents, by the way. 


Wife Wanted A Family Portrait For Christmas. This Is What She Got

Face swaps are creepy in general, yet what’s even creepier is when a baby’s face is swapped with their dad’s face. But, for real…why does the dad look so mad? It’s Christmas! He should be overjoyed, right? He’s probably not happy because he has one of his children’s faces. 


Source: discoversooke/

This Christmas card is going to give us nightmares. Yes, it’s super funny but also deeply unsettling. The giant baby in the turtleneck sweater is disturbing.


Convinced My Family To Go Out And Get Family Christmas Photos Done

The mom looks absolutely fabulous, but we beg to differ about the father and the sons. They look as if they are falling out of an airplane and getting blasted by the air, or there was a leaf blower present in the room. And, the dad…umm, maybe he had too much to drink. Meanwhile, the mom is just rocking it.

Source: u/ToddGAKKKK/ Reddit

However funny this photo is, it’s actually pretty sad. This is the only Christmas photo the family has ever taken together and that’s the result. At least it’s memorable!