Student Calls for University of Pittsburgh Professor to Be Fired Due to ‘Insane” Assignment

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Oct 31, 2023

A student of The University of Pittsburgh has recently called for one of her professors to be fired after receiving what she claims is an insane assignment. 

The young woman took to social media to share her opinion about the unusual assignment that involved a scenario in which a woman was sexually abused.

What’s Going on at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania has recently come under fire after a student shared an assignment given to her class by a professor. 


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Peyton Gualtieri took to her TikTok accounts to share what she called an insane assignment. The video got more than 1.3 million views and close to 200,000 likes. 


A Student Left in Shock

During the video, Peyton discusses the unusual assignment that left her speechless, and she calls for her professor to be fired. 


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She said, “Typically, I don’t get triggered by a lot of things. But this assignment that I just got is so insane.”

The Professor’s Shocking Assignment

In the video, the student proclaims that the professor wanted the students to write about an encounter between a man and a woman that ends in sexual assault.


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For the assignment, the students were tasked with first describing the physical characteristics of both the male and female. Following this, the professor requested they discuss whether or not others were there during the initial encounter and, finally, how the female was assaulted. 

It Didn’t Stop There

While the initial assignment shocked some of the students, there’s more. Peyton read the professor’s prompt aloud during her video, detailing what the professor wanted included in the assignment. 


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The students had to describe the behavior of both parties at the agreed-upon location, whether it be a bar or party, before the crime occurred. 

Students Left in a State of Shock

In addition to answering the previous questions, they were tasked with further questions that upset Peyton and her classmates. 

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She explains they had to answer questions including, “How was the woman treated?” and “Why did the man believe it was OK to have sex with her?”


The Worst Question of All

Peyton goes on to explain there was one question above all others that she had major issues with. 


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She said, “The last one says: One part of r*** culture surrounds teaching women how not to be r**** rather than for men to be taught not to r***. Suggest two ways on how men should be taught not to r***.”


Peyton Was Outraged

The student said she couldn’t believe the nature of the assignment and shared the questions with an online audience to get their opinion. 

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As she had expected, most online users found the questions equally appalling.


The Professor Needs to Be Fired

Viewers began leaving hundreds of comments on Peyton’s post. One user wrote, “Just saw another girl’s video about this same assignment. I can’t believe this is real.”


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Many users were even calling for the termination of the professor’s job. One user wrote, “That professor needs to be FIRED.”


An Explanation for the Bizarre Assignment

Other online users offered their take on why the professor would give out such an unusual and bizarre assignment in the first place. 

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One user was under the impression it was a test. They wrote, “My professor in [criminal justice] also did this assignment; anyone who came up with an answer, you’re wrong. Wonder if it’s the same case?”


The Professor Issues an Apology

In a follow-up video, Peyton said her professor did issue an apology. However, the students were still expected to finish the assignment. 


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The professor wrote, “While this topic is undoubtedly challenging and difficult to engage on, my intention with the video and course reading was to bring r*** culture and the pervasiveness of victim blaming and shaming to the class.”


Peyton Issues an Update

The professor did go on to update the assignment. According to Peyton, the students no longer had to write about a hypothetical assault scenario. But they do have to come up with ideas on how men can be taught not to commit sexual assault.

Source: TikTok/@peytgual

While Peyton was still upset about the whole ordeal, she was happy that the professor reached out to apologize and that the assignment was changed.