Every Single Student at Lebron James’ School for Underprivileged Kids Failed the State Math Exam

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Oct 23, 2023

The legendary Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James set out on a charitable mission some years ago to significantly influence the lives of at-risk kids and their parents in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

This vision led to the creation of a school. Sadly, according to recent reports, The school’s eighth-grade class has failed the state of Ohio’s math exam for an alarmingly long period, which raises questions.

LeBron's Philanthropic Mission - I Promise School in Akron.

James’ genuine desire to give back to his community led to the creation of the I Promise School, a public school that opened its doors in 2018.


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The school aimed to give Akron, Ohio’s impoverished pupils access to a high-quality education, resources, and assistance. LeBron’s desire to improve the lives of at-risk youngsters came true thanks to a collaboration with Akron Public Schools.


Concerning Math Test Results

Despite I Promise School’s good intentions, recent data has shown a worrying pattern in the academic achievement of its eighth-grade pupils. 


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According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the eighth-grade class at the school hasn’t passed the state of Ohio’s math exam in years. The depressing discovery has raised questions about the efficacy of the instructional strategies used at the institution.

The Importance of Addressing Math Proficiency

Mathematics is a pillar of our civilization and is essential to many facets of our everyday life. A strong foundation in arithmetic is crucial for developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


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It also opens doors to various employment prospects. The fact that children have been failing math exams for such a long time calls for urgent attention and assistance.

Prioritizing Tangible Results for Lasting Change

While James’ charitable endeavors are admirable, the real test of success is how these young pupils’ lives are affected. The issues preventing math competency must be tackled head-on at I Promise School. 


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To pull the children up and enhance their academic performance, collaboration with educators, parents, and the community may assist in establishing successful tactics and support systems.