Heroic Dog Saves 4 Kids Stuck In Colombian Jungle—Officials Scramble To Locate Him

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Aug 16, 2023

June 9 will always be a memorable day for the families of four indigenous children, who, for 40 days were stranded in the Amazon jungle after surviving a plane crash. It was the day their prayers were answered by Wilson, a military search dog who helped find the lost kids after separating from the search party.

Sadly, the family has not been able to express its gratitude to this canine hero because he disappeared after completing his mission—he is now the focus of an advanced rescue operation.

70 Soldier-Search Party Sent for Wilson

The Colombian military has sent 70 of its soldiers on an intense hunt for Wilson and has promised not to give up until they find the national hero. All Colombians are counting on them.


Source: Christina Petsos/Pexels

“For us it was an honor that our canine helped to find those children…it would be great news for the country, and for our children, if he can be found,” said Sgt. Luis Fernando Seña, commander of Wilson’s Bogota-based canine school.


A Well-Trained Sniffer Dog

Wilson became a member of Colombia’s special forces after arriving at the Tolemaida air force base following his graduation from a canine academy early in the year. In May, he joined a team of five sniffer dogs who were responsible for locating the ill-fated Cessna plane in the rainforest. 


Source: Insider News/YouTube

Although three adult bodies were found in the single-engine aircraft, the Belgian Shepherd put its training to good use by helping trackers to locate the group of children with his pawprints.

A Rescue and Companion Dog

Gen. Pedro Sanchez, the leader of the rescue effort, said the kids confirmed Wilson had been with them for a few days. The oldest child was able to draw a picture of the rainforest with the dog in it.


Source: Denitsa Kireva/ YouTube

Wilson was last seen May 18 when he left the search party to follow the scent that led him to the kids. 

An All Hands on Deck Operation

Colombia’s military is doing all it can to find Wilson alive. It has already transported two female dogs in heat to the Amazon jungle to lure the brilliant dog back where it belongs.


Source: Imprensa AgruBan®/Pexels

Although many people believe that Wilson must have met his end in the rainforest, Elvis Porras, one of Wilson’s trainers, believes he can survive the harsh conditions. We’re hopeful, too!