Do Mermaids Actually Exist? This Fisherman’s Viral Video May Be ‘Proof’

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 20, 2023

An eerie video recently surfaced online, captivating the curiosity of many, as some are hailing it as “proof” that mermaids exist. The viral TikTok footage shared by a deep-sea fisherman showed two mysterious creatures swimming gracefully through the depths of the sea. The image bore a striking resemblance to the mythical mermaids depicted in folklore.

In the recording, the Puerto Rican fisherman Ryun Coleman says, “What are those? What is going on?” Intrigued, he aimed his camera toward the sea, saying, “Something’s swimming fast underneath that water; something’s swimming real fast.”

A Strange Noise in the Background

As the video continues, a strange wailing sound can be heard in the background. Amazed and startled, the fisherman expresses his confusion and disbelief, wondering aloud about the source of the unusual noise. “What is that noise?”


Source: Diane James/ Pinterest

Suddenly, the shrieking voice announced, “Jump for me.” Although the video was recorded last year, it was posted recently by the famous TikTok account called The Paranormal Chic.


The Paranormal Chic

At the beginning of the TikTok video, a woman states, “If we believe in the myths and the legends that have been there since the beginning, sailors have gone back hundreds of years stating that they would witness sirens, and the whole goal of a siren was to lure sailors to their death by drowning and eating them, and one way they did it was singing.”


Source: Siren Mermaid/ Pinterest

“It’s creepy that they capture the singing out in the middle of the ocean.”

It Wasn’t the First Time

Coleman claims to have had multiple encounters with these mermaid-like creatures. One month ago, The Paranormal Chic shared another of his clips which she deemed the “best evidence” of mermaids’ existence.


Source: Pinterest

This footage was taken during daylight and up close, capturing a mysterious and shimmering aquatic creature near the water’s surface. Following these encounters, Coleman has gained a lot of followers who support and believe in his experiences.

Is He Being Targeted for Revealing the Truth?

Coleman has faced multiple instances of having his TikTok accounts blocked, suggesting to his followers that the US government was targeting him. Another TikToker by the username iamdaydreamer28 shared an explanation about the situation.


Source:Siren Mermaid/ Pinterest

He questioned why he repeatedly encountered trouble and got banned from the platform, especially since the stories were not fabricated.. “.Sauce.90 claims all his videos are real, they’re legit….” He continued: “However, .sauce.90 understands that not everyone will believe his word. That’s why he’s decided to consult professionals on his findings.” Truly, the ocean holds many secrets we may truly never know about.

A "Mermaid" Washed Up On A South African Beach

On April 6, 2022, a TikTok claimed to show a “real mermaid” in South Africa. It was reuploaded to YouTube, and people said the sighting happened in Kenya.


Clips from the video went viral on TikTok and YouTube, causing mass speculation on how the footage was even created. Local authorities debunked the claims.


The Video Got 9.6 Million Views

Aside from the video that received 9.6 million views, the poster’s TikTok has other videos about the alleged “real mermaid” caught on film.


Source: @aamircali/ TikTok

But, there has been no evidence that mermaids have ever lived or existed on this planet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


People Weren't Buying It

A majority of the commenters were skeptical about what they were actually seeing. Some were not convinced, saying that they can clearly “see every string used to make the fins and tail flap.”

Source: @aamircali/ TikTok

Another commenter said that it looks like a giant fish had partially swallowed the child. Others said, “movie prop” and “Why do I feel like they’ve just put a kid in a fish.”


Debunnking The Claims

ITV News, a British television news outlet, analyzed the misleading video. They said, “With no solid scientific evidence of mermaids even existing, and this video’s authenticity being disputed, it’s pretty unlikely that this is actually a mermaid.”


Source: @aamircali/ TikTok

Videos of this alleged “mermaid” spread like wildfire across social media. On April 7, more footage was released of what was found on the South African beach.


It's Fake

The video was debunked as fake by the Coast Regional Commissioner and Kwale County Commander in Kenya. “Reports of an alleged mermaid spotted in Ukanda are circulating on social media are fake,” they confirmed.

Source: ntvkenya/ Twitter

Alleged sightings of mermaids have been occurring throughout history and have been the center of topics in movies and TV shows. Recently, viral clips showing “real mermaids” have surfaced on TikTok.