Australian Couple Surprised To Find Small Bundle Of Fluff Snuggled Next To Their Dog’s Bed

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Oct 05, 2023

One Australian couple found something unusual curled up beside their dog’s bed. When they took a closer look, they realized it was an animal.

The little animal was a juvenile western pygmy possum. The unthreatening creature was curled up, probably looking for warmth, food, and safety, which it found in the couple’s home.

Spending the Night

The couple took in the little critter and sheltered her for the night. In the morning, the possum was taken to a wildlife welfare center to be medically assessed.


Source: Twitter/TwitchyRachie

They met with a local wildlife carer Gayl Males, who assessed and nursed the poor creature back to optimum health. Males believed the little creature would be fine in no time.

Little Possums In Australia

Possums are wild marsupials native to Australia. They are omnivores who feed on whatever prey or plant they find around them. Common food they consume includes plant nectar, insects, small eggs, and flowers.


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They could also be purely carnivorous or herbivorous. They are known to become guests in homes if doors or windows are left open—this characteristic could be because they are lost or looking for food.

Nursing the Possum Back to Health

Although the little possum was orphaned and away from her family, she was uninjured and would be back on her feet with good feeding and proper care. Males paid attention to the critter every single day.


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He fed her milk with a syringe and make sure she was getting stronger. In about five weeks, the little creature had become bigger and healthier.

Getting Ready for Discharge to the Wild

Due to her improved health status, she was ready to be taken back to the wild, where she belonged. Males started her release into the wild slowly. Firstly, he put her in a little nest he made in a box and placed it in a familiar area.


Source: Twitter

The box was filled with native blossoms and supplementary nectar to help the possum adapt to her natural habitat.

Finally Heading Home

The possum would come and go as she pleased until she was ready to go back to the wild. According to Males, it was a satisfying feeling to watch the poor creature he had nursed back to health finally get the strength to move back to where she belonged.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All this was possible because of the couple who took it upon themselves to care for the little possum that first night.


About Wildlife Welfare Org SA Inc

The couple handed their short-term tenant to Wildlife Welfare Organization, a charity for animals (WWO). Since 1984, this wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization has been doing the Lord’s work by ensuring that sick and injured animals of the wild are cared for and reintroduced to their natural habitat to thrive.


Source: Wikipedia

As the country’s oldest wildlife care group, WWO has succeeded in caring for at least 800 stranded/wild animals annually. These include reptiles, marsupials, and native birds.


Another Fascinating Rescue

In the spirit of animal rescue, WWO has made another exciting rescue worthy of mention. This time around, the cutie is a Fiordland penguin that found its way close to Middleton Beach. Sadly, it wasn’t long after the rescuers reached the bird that it gave up the ghost. It was too emaciated to survive another minute.

Source: Pinterest

An ABC news reporter, Carolyn Horn, has written an article about these birds. It makes for an interesting read.


An Unusual Occurrence

More beachcast penguins have been seen on Victoria and WA coasts, and this is such a rare occurrence. According to Horn, a New Zealander, Dr. Watten has explained that this is most likely due to bad weather.


Source: Like Seago/Pexels

Dr. Watten stated that the last three La La Niña years have made sea temperatures much warmer than usual. This has resulted in less food sources for the sea animals. As such, the penguins likely made landfall in Australia in search of food.


A Cause for Potential Research

Even though the rare beachcast penguin could not be saved, it’s still useful for research purposes. As such, its remains were handed over to DEW (Australia’s Department for Environment and Water), who will send it to the SA Museum for further action.

Source: International Fund for Animal Welfare/ Pexels

Animal rescue is one of the most virtuous acts ever and we’re proud of WWOs efforts in preserving Australia’s wildlife.


Animal Rescue is a Virtue

WWO has used this opportunity to remind the public about the importance of reporting these unusual birds to the right authority when sighted. More often than not, these animals are sick, underweight, and in need of urgent professional/medical care.


Source: International Fund for Animal Welfare/ Pexels

A quote by Anatole France says, “until you have loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Be sure to always play your part in helping animals in need.